Best 3 characters in Free Fire MAX to use in ranked mode!

Free Fire has made it possible and allotted more opportunities for users. The players are getting more close to the game as of its decent services and events in the game. The developers are designing incredible gaming aspects that can help users in difficult times. The gaming has a fighting background and therefore users need a good collection of weapons and other gaming aspects. Best 3 characters in Free Fire MAX to use in ranked mode!

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If developers choose to frame characters in the game, this will add more pleasure while playing the game. Here is a list of characters in Free Fire. 

  • Captain Booyah/K (Master Of All) Captain Booyah, often known as K, is a new character in Free Fire who resembles KSHMR. 
  • Shirou (Damage Delivered) 
  • Maro (Falcon Fervor)
  • Skyler (Riptide Rhythm) 
  • DJ Alok (Drop The Beat) 

Here are best 3 characters in Free Fire MAX:

  1. Captain Booyah/K (Master of all)

From the character roster, the users can choose a character that will suit them. Choosing the character as per the situation on the battlefield will help you more. Out of the 40 players, the gamers are free to opt for the characters they want. Captain Booyah is also known as K.  This character compares with KSHMR. Captain Booyah/K seems similar to the DJ. The power of this character is classified into two powers. 

  1. Active abilities.
  2. Passive ability. 

Passive ability – 2EP is received by the character after every two seconds or 1 EP each second respectively. The total amount of total EP is 200 EP and the additional 50 EP is possessed by this character. 

Active ability – The EP total gets up to 150 The HP that is regenerated by the K is surrounded by the red-coloured.

2. Shirou (Damage Delivered)

Shirou is recognized as the fastest delivery guy. From within the radius if the enemy attacks the player within the 80m radii the attacker is spotted for 6s. Once these character scowls are available, they can match character level-up cards to increase the character’s facility to level 8, and they can also use these cards to start levels up to level 6. Range and travel comfort are unchanged. the highest position. However, the armor penetration of an available shot reduces the cooldown by 20, up to 100%.

  1. Maro (Falcon Fervor)

Maro is a professional falconer hunting with a bow and picking one. Using his technology, he can deal more damage to distant enemies. Maro uses natural abilities and a free spirit that allows him to run very quickly.

Falcon Favor is a passive skill that he has. Its baseline (level 1) gap develops up to 5%. It also allows a 1% navica of people’s damage ratio on designated opponents.

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