“I thought he was my soul mate” – 19-year-old lady in tears as relationship of 4 years crashes
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A 19-year-old lady has revealed how her 4-year-old relationship with the love of her life came to an end.

According to her, the man she thought was her soulmate left her for someone else and she had to take an extra year to heal from the pain.

In her words:

“I’m 19, I’m currently healing from a 4 year relationship with a guy I thought was my soulmate but ended up leaving me for someone else..

“This year I was supposed to be studying law but ended up taking a gap year which I’m really starting to hate. Everyday feels the same and i feel like wasting my last teenage years at home.! suffer from anxiety sometimes depression depending on my pmdd.

“Some days can be incredibly lonely and stressful but I’m happy when my moms here she’s truly the only person who keeps me going.”

Watch the video below:


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