Amid LGBT Activists' Lunacy, One Trans Person Calls for Common Sense From Trans 'Silent Majority'

It’s very difficult not to lump people together into groups, especially at a time when combative behavior is the norm and middle grounds seem like distant countries you’ll never be able to visit. But the fact of the matter is that there are groups within groups.

This is very true when it comes to the LGBT community. Their activists are loud, violent, authoritarian, and unrelenting. However, to say that they represent the entirety of the LGBT community is false.

There is a vast swath of gays, lesbians, and even transgendered people who only wish to live out their lives as they wish without bothering anyone else or demanding you cave to their beliefs and celebrate their lifestyle. Like many in America, they are a “silent majority,” not interested in ideological combat or sticking their nose in other people’s business. Like you, they want to be left alone.

But it’s become increasingly hard for them to stay silent as the activist community that claims to represent them does its absolute best to be as disruptive and combative as it possibly can be. They force their ideas and habits on the public and demand they worship their lifestyle or face consequences if they don’t. As they do this, the rest of the community is roped into their activism and blamed for the actions of radicals.

It’s not fair, but that’s the reality of the world we live in. The only way to combat this is from within, and that’s what one trans person is wanting to kickstart.

After the murder of children during a school shooting at the hands of a transgender person and the announcement of a trans “Day of Vengence,” things are boiling over and the trans community, in particular, is swiftly becoming disliked by the general populace more and more. Transgender commentator Sara Higdon sees how far the LGBT activist community has taken things and is looking for others in the community to rise up and denounce them.

“If you’re trans in my audience, know that we need you to stand and speak out with us because I’m afraid that the pendulum is swinging back and I don’t know if we’re going to be able to stop it,” said Higdon.

“I started speaking out because I wanted to stop it at the bottom,” Higdon continued. “It’s going to be much harder to do that as these activists continue to harm our community, and so speak up, speak out.”

Higdon thanked those who weren’t trans for listening to people within the trans community that aren’t the activists and affirmed that there are more people who aren’t crazy than are.

Like me, you may disagree vehemently with Higdon’s lifestyle and consider it a mental illness, but a mental illness does not automatically make someone evil. They are still fully capable of making decisions that are good or evil, and there are many people in the LGBT community who have no evil intentions. This includes transgender people.

Higdon’s call for trans people to speak out against the activist community is now more necessary than it has ever been before. These aren’t standard activists, they are domestic terrorists whose only wish is to accomplish their goals by any means necessary. The louder they get without any uproar from the greater transgender community, the more sensible people in the community will be lumped in.

At some point, the general public won’t care about nuance.

It’s imperative that the entirety of the LGBT community that has not lost its mind begin speaking up and speaking up now. They must not only denounce the activism, but the narratives pushed in their name. If they don’t, then not only will the problem with the activists get far worse, but good people within the community will be dragged down with them.

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