Mugshot shows Jacksonville man's swollen face after viral arrest
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Le’Keian Woods, 24, was struck a total of 17 times by members of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Gang Unit during a traffic stop, an arrest report states.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office released the mugshot and arrest report of the 24-year-old man who was seen being arrested Friday in a viral video that has his family calling for justice. Jacksonville police said Le’Keian Woods fled the scene of a traffic stop and actively resisted officers at the time of his arrest, a JSO incident report states. 

Woods was struck a total of 17 times by responding detectives and officers during his arrest, according to the report. 

Four Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers were involved: Detective Beau P. Daingle, Detective Josue Garriga, Detective T. McCullough and Detective Hunter Sullivan. 

This is the fourth time Garriga has made headlines: He was a member of the group chat investigated by JSO for biased texts — including messages disparaging Jamee Johnson, the 22-year-old FAMU student killed in fatal police shooting in 2019. Garriga was also the officer who killed Johnson when he pulled him for over for a seatbelt violation, shooting him four times. And when he was working as an officer in Putnam County in 2015, he was one of several officers who fired at 48-year-old Andrew Williams, who later died. 

Woods arrested

 JSO’s Gang Unit was conducting surveillance Friday in the area of Toledo Road and Powers Avenue in an unmarked police vehicle, the report states. 

Garriga, was parked in a gas station parking lot. While at the gas station, Garriga said he saw a gray Dodge Durango park at a gas pump, but the driver never pumped any gas, the report states.

A short time later, a gray Dodge Ram arrived at the gas station with three people inside. A man wearing “all black with a jacket and hood pulled over his head” got out of the passenger side of the vehicle. Garriga later identified the man as Le’Keian Woods, the report states.

Garriga notified other Gang Unit detectives what he was observing at the gas station, noting the Woods’ pants were “weighing heavy” on his right side, and told detectives he believed he was armed with a handgun, the report states. 

Garriga said he saw Woods standing with the man from the Dodge Durango, noting he believed the man had been waiting for Woods in the parking lot. After a few moments, Garriga said Woods got into the back seat of an unidentified man’s car, removed cash from his person, and began counting the money. Police say the unidentified man stood by as Woods counted the money. Garriga noted hearing the man say “hold on, we are handling business,” the report.

Several lines in the report at redacted after this point. 

After the interaction, the report states the man got back into his vehicle and the Ram began to back out of the parking lot. 

Garriga said he saw the driver of the Ram not wearing a seatbelt. Garriga notified other detectives the Ram was leaving the gas station and began to follow the vehicle. 

The report says detectives Daigle and Sullivan followed the Ram down Toledo Road toward Old Kings Road South. 

Daigle attempted a traffic stop on the Ram near the intersection of Old Kings Road South and Plaza Gate Lane, but the vehicle continued driving “as if the occupants were looking for a place to run from the vehicle,” the report says.

The vehicle continued into a dead end of an apartment complex driveway. Daigle and Sullivan attempted to conduct a “high-risk takedown” at the location. As Daigle was giving verbal commands to the occupants inside the Ram, Woods fled the passenger side of the vehicle and ran into the apartment complex, the report says.

Woods is tased, punched, elbowed, and ‘unintentionally’ kneed 

Sullivan chased after Woods, yelling “get on the ground.” Sullivan said Woods was holding onto the front of his waistline throughout the chase, and believed he was armed and resisting. Sullivan said he drew his taser and told Woods he would be tased.

Sullivan discharged the taser, striking Woods, but appeared to have no effect, the report states. Woods was tased a second time in his and he fell onto the roadway on Plaza Gate Lane. When Sullivan reached Woods, he told him multiple times to put his hands behind his back, which he refused to do, the report states.

Sullivan said he noticed blood on Woods face from falling on the pavement. 

Woods continued to resist and attempted to keep his hands underneath him toward the front of his waistband, the report says. Then, Sullivan said he punched Woods in the face. 

Sullivan continued to tell Woods to put his hands behind his back which he refused. The report says Sullivan then laid on Woods’ back to hold him down on the ground. Woods then tried to lift himself and Sullivan off the ground “to stand up.”

Sullivan punched Woods in the face four more times and once in the ribs as responding officers arrived to assist, according to the report. 

Garriga said as Sullivan was “actively fighting to gain control of Le’Keian’s left hand,” he struck Woods four times in the upper shoulder. At the same time, there were “unintentional” knee strikes made to Woods’ face, the report says.

Woods continued to “physically resist” detectives’ efforts to gain control of his hands to place them in handcuffs, according to the report. Detectives said every attempt to grab Woods’ right arm would result in him pulling away and tucking it under his body.

Garriga said he then struck Woods four times in the ribs.

At this point, McCullough arrived and assisted responding officers in restraining Woods. McCullough said he struck Woods in his eye three times with his elbow. 

Directly after McCullough struck Woods, Sullivan and Garriga were able to get Woods’ arms behind his back and handcuff him, at which point “all force utilized immediately stopped.” The report says Woods continued to resist after he was already in handcuffs. 

The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department responded to the scene and took Woods to UF Health for treatment. 

During the time Woods was being taken into custody, Daingle was holding the occupants in the Dodge Ram at gunpoint, the report says.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Vontez Wright and the back seat passenger was identified as Raymond Wison. Both Wright and Wilson were taken into custody. 

Detectives then conducted a search through the vehicle. Much of what was found in the vehicle was redacted from the arrest report, but it does say narcotics were found and tested.

Wright’s driver’s license history showed two prior suspensions for fleeing and attempting to elude. Wright was arrested for traffic violations and possession of under 20 grams of marijuana. 

Wilson was questioned and released at the scene after being interviewed. 

Woods’ charges

Woods is being held at Duval County Jail on charges of armed drug trafficking, possession of a controlled substance, and resisting an officer with violence. 

Attorney Dexter Van Harris represented Woods in court Sunday morning. Van Harris told First Coast News the judge found no probable cause on two of the six charges he is facing, and his bond on the other four totals about $170,000.

Woods’ next court date is scheduled for Oct. 24, 2023. 

Calls for justice

Sunday afternoon dozens of people rallied on the steps of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office headquarters after a video of Woods’ arrest went viral.

During the rally, Woods’ mother, Natassia Woods, spoke to the crowd describing how hard it’s been to get an update on her son’s condition. She told First Coast News her son’s attorney, Harry Daniels, told her that Woods was going to and from the hospital to be treated for a concussion. 

“I’m at a point now that I just want answers for my son,” Woods told the crowd. “I want justice for my son. No one should be beaten like that.”

As Woods’ mother spoke, she was surrounded by dozens of people with signs that read ‘Justice for Ken.’

“We were definitely outraged,” said Mary Dennis, who attended the rally. “When I saw the video, I just couldn’t believe that it took that many people to take one person down.”

The Jacksonville Community Action Committee, who organized the rally, called for three things in light of Woods’ arrest going viral on social media.

One, for the officers responsible to be held accountable. Two, for JSO to get rid of its Gang Unit. Three, create a public safety committee made up of community members to review public safety polices. 

“Why can’t the city have an institution that can hear the voices of the community in a controlled way that can affect policy in a positive way,” said Michael Sampson with the Jacksonville Community Action Committee.

In a statement released Monday, Wood’s family and their attorneys said they will speak about the incident during a news conference Wednesday in front of JSO headquarters at 2 p.m. 

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