Stillman College hosting basketball tournament
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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — It is a big week for the sports programs at Stillman College.  

This week, Stillman College is hosting the 2024 Hope Credit Union Gulf Coast Athletic Conference Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championship featuring 10 schools and 20 teams. 

Terrance Whittle, Stillman College’s athletic director, said hosting the tournament is great for the school and even better for the community.

“This is fantastic for Stillman to have all these wonderful teams and athletes here in Tuscaloosa,” Whittle said. “It is wonderful for us and great for our city.”

Whittle also said it is a big deal Stillman College will join the GCAC in July.

“We are excited and stoked to be a part of GCAC,” Whittle said. “And I think for us going into this league will help us expand our brand in places in the country where the GCAC is that has a footprint that otherwise we wouldn’t have a chance to do and will help us recruit more students to Stillman College.”

Visit Tuscaloosa is sponsoring this week’s basketball tournament at Stillman College. The organization said the championship will have an estimated $750,000 to $1 million economic impact in Tuscaloosa.

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