Sunny Sunday Followed by a Rainy Monday
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Enjoy a fine dose of sunshine Sunday. We will have a lovely Palm Sunday forecast. The morning starts a little on the chilly side in the 40s, but highs will be pleasant in the 70s. No rain tomorrow.

Rain returns overnight Sunday night into Monday morning. It will be a messy morning commute Monday. Plan accordingly. You will likely want to add a little extra time to that morning commute. Rain should start clearing mid morning, with only a few isolated showers through afternoon.

Monday afternoon will feature a mostly cloudy sky with highs ranging between the upper 60s to low and mid 70s.

As we move into Tuesday. There will be a brief break from the active weather pattern and temperatures will jump into the 80s by Tuesday afternoon. No rain is expected Tuesday

Then, rain is anticipated any day from Wednesday through Saturday. On and off showers and storms will remain a part of the forecast and could bring us close to 3 inches of rain by next weekend. At this time, no one particular day appears to carry a severe weather threat, but we are monitoring everything closely in the event anything changes.

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