Where to take yard debris along the First Coast

Hurricane Ian left a good bit of yard debris scattered throughtout the First Coast. As clean up begins, here’s where you can your yard debris in your county.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — As residents begin recovery efforts from the impacts of Hurricane Ian, the first steps will be to clear yard debris and remove damaged home construction materials.

Here’s a county-by-county list of where you can take those items.

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Duval County

Normal curbside services will resume Monday, October 3. That includes regularly schedules yard waste pickups for your area.

The City’s Trail Ridge Landfill will also reopen Monday, October 3.

TYPES OF YARD WASTE  – Tree limbs, sticks, logs and stumps less than 40 pounds (not to exceed 5 feet in length and less than 40 pounds in weight).  Containerized leaves and grass clippings. Bush or shrub clippings, palm fronds. Natural Christmas wreaths and trees (remove hangers, stands and all decorations). 

UNACCEPTABLE YARD WASTE  – Any treated or painted wood, such as: fencing, railroad ties, landscape timbers and plywood. These items should be discarded with household garbage.


  •  Five (5) cubic yards—roughly 30, 32-gallon garbage bags.
  •  No single container or item can weigh more than 40 pounds.
  •  Limbs and logs must be no more than six (6) inches in diameter.
  •  Bags must be sealed closed.
  •  Automated service carts may not be used for yard waste.

Clay County

All solid waste facilities including Rosemary Hill will be closed Friday and are planned to reopen Saturday.

The Rosemary Hill Solid Waste Management Facility will be accepting residential yard waste at no charge from Saturday, October 1 through October 11, 2022, during normal operating hours of Monday through Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

Residents must provide proof of residency with a driver’s license, lease, or utility bill. Commercial waste will be charged at normal rates. All yard waste transported in any type of commercial vehicle will be considered commercial.

Residents can bring residential waste to any of our solid waste facilities when they reopen on Saturday. (Visit garbage and recycling on our website for those locations)

Yard waste and trash pickups will resume as usual Monday.

County officials and work crews went out Friday to assess the damages to our community.

Nassau County

Preliminary damage and debris assessments by Nassau County’s emergency responders indicate minor impacts to the area. Therefore, the county will not be activating supplemental debris removal contracts. Residents are advised to separate their household and yard debris and dispose of it through normal channels.

 Excess yard waste should be cut and bagged according to waste-removal providers’ guidelines. Please contact your garbage hauler directly with questions. Excess yard waste and construction/demolition debris may be taken to Sandhill Recycling Center at 153326 CR-108 in Yulee for a fee. 

Call 904-225-2801 for hours and rates. Residents of local municipalities should follow city and town debris disposal procedures. 

Nassau County’s Convenience and Recycle Center will be open on Saturday, October 1st and Sunday, October 2, 2022 from 8am-12pm. Please note that this site is NOT permitted to take yard or construction debris. This site accepts normal household waste for disposal and only paper, cardboard, glass, metals, plastics, tires, electronics, and latex paint for recycling.

St. Johns County

St. Johns County has now opened the Stratton Road and Tillman Ridge transfer stations for household and yard debris for those conducting cleanup after Hurricane Ian. This service is free of charge for residents.

  • Stratton Road Transfer Station – 250 N. Stratton Rd., St. Augustine
  • Tillman Ridge Transfer Station – 3005 Allen Nease Rd., Elkton

Residents using this service are asked to separate trash from vegetation. For updates on recovery efforts in St. Johns County, please visit www.sjcfl.us/hurricane or call the St. Johns County Emergency Management Citizen Information Line at 904.824.5550.

St. Augustine

The City of St. Augustine reminds residents that it’s imperative to separate each type of debris when setting them curbside for pickup. Not only how it is separated, but where it is placed, makes a tremendous difference in the success of the collection process.

All debris should be placed curbside, within 15 feet of the curb so that it can be reached by pickup crews and claw trucks. Debris should not be placed in the street where it can obstruct vehicular traffic, fire hydrants, mailboxes, and utility boxes.

Yard debris, construction debris, and household debris, such as furniture and appliances should also be separated. Mixed trash will not be picked up and City crews will NOT remove storm debris, including downed trees, from private property. Only materials left correctly curbside and in the city right-of-way will be picked up.

Yard debris is only vegetative and not mixed with any other types of debris or garbage. It consists of tree stumps, branches, trunks, and other leafy material. Only loose vegetative debris will be collected. Do not place storm debris in bags or cans as the crews will not know for certain it is vegetative material.

Construction debris may be placed curbside if the demolition work is being performed by residents. Hazardous waste such as chemicals, paint, propane, and pesticides will not be collected curbside. For proper disposal information, contact St. Johns County Solid Waste Management Department at 904.827.6980.

Furniture and white goods, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances, also should be separated into its own pile.

The City of St. Augustine will determine the priority of debris pickup throughout areas of the city based on volume and accessibility to the debris. At this time, the priority for solid waste pickup is to assist residents and businesses with storm cleanup.

Debris pickup service will be provided by the city and its contractors. The city will attempt to provide a specific schedule for areas of the city; however, it is likely that multiple collection days will be necessary for the various types of debris as it is placed curbside.

As for regularly scheduled solid waste operations, the city will notify customers when normal operations resume.

For more information or with specific questions, call the Public Works Department at 904.825.1040.

This list will continue to be updated as First Coast News learns of more protocols for disposing of yard waste.

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