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Love Island season 3 is back with new singles who are searching for accomplices indeed. Among the candidates, Cashay Proudfoot is additionally attempting to discover her first love in the TV unscripted TV drama.

Cashay Proudfoot hails from Brooklyn, New York. She additionally has some insight as an artist and model. She has chipped away at different undertakings previously and is continually anticipating extending her profession and portfolio

Allow us to become familiar with Cashay Proudfoot and investigate her age and Instagram bio.  The Love Island candidate Cashay Proudfoot’s genuine age is 25 years of age as of June 2021.

Nonetheless, she has never spoken about her birthday in people in general or on the web making it hard for her supporters to wish on her birthday. Because of the absence of data about her real date of birth, her zodiac sign is likewise absent as of now.

Making forecasts about Cashay’s character dependent on her zodiac sign is additionally impractical as of now. Cashay Proudfoot remains at the tallness of 5 feet and 6 inches.

Just like a model and artist, her stature may be exceptionally appropriate for her calling. Also, she weighs 52 Kg. With her stature and weight, Proudfoot has a very much fabricated thin body. Discussing her body estimations, she has a 32 inch bust with a 23-inch midsection. Cashay Proudfoot’s work is as a server.

In any case, she has likewise done different demonstrating and moving undertaking in her profession. Proudfoot is by all accounts slanted towards making her profession around the displaying and the moving business.

We can discover Cashay Proudfoot utilizing Instagram under her username @cashayproudfoot. She has amassed over 3.6k devotees with her 111 posts up until this point. Her Instagram bio recommends she is a model and artist.

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