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When it comes to being an army vet, entrepreneur, gamer, and social media influencer Itz Princeton checks all boxes and more!

Itz Princeton, real name Princeton Aiken, has amassed a following, on his main platform TikTok (@itz_Princeton) to 460k followers in just under a year on the platform! 

Itz Princeton provides comedic gaming content that is sure to leave you laughing out of your seat leaving you with “NUFFIN 2 Taco Bout”(his catchphrase).

Name Princeton Aiken
Birthday June 8 1995
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 5’11
Nationality African American
Profession Content Creator
Instagram @itz.Princeton
Tiktok @itz_Princeton

Itz Princeton believes laughter is the best medicine. Understanding that his content can impact viewers in a great way through comedy,

itz Princeton goes above and beyond when delivering on-screen laughs. From creating hilarious on-screen graphics to occasionally stepping out of character.

The viewers are left entertained and wanting more; and he delivers! Due to TikTok’s max 3 minute video duration you can find lengthier itz Princeton videos on his Youtube channel(itz Princeton).

Itz Princeton’s other social media platform Instagram (@itz.Princeton) is what he uses to connect with his followers on a personal level.

Princeton Aiken was born in San Diego, California on June 8 1995. Princeton Aiken is currently in his mid 20’s with a net worth that is not on record.

At the age of 19 in 2015 Princeton Aiken and his wife Jerea Aiken, started an online clothing store, Oaken Legend, which has become a great success for the couple.

Receiving endorsements and praise from other celebrities. A couple years later Princeton Aiken enlisted in the U.S Army where he served 4 and a half years.

Princeton Aiken is father to 2 girls Naomi E. Aiken and Layla C. Aiken. Currently Princeton lives on the east coast of the United States with his family. tvguidetime.com

Source: TG Time

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