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Back in 1984, a dad lethally shot a man who had apparently grabbed and assaulted his child.

Plauche was condemned to five years probation however didn’t serve prison time because of the shooting. He kept up with his activities were the normal reaction of a his dad child had been abused.

Gary Plauche died in October 2014. Prior to his demise, Plauché gave one final meeting, where he expressed that he didn’t lament killing Doucet and would do as such once more.

Jeff Plauche grabbed the eye of the media after he shot and killed the karate educator at the Baton Rouge air terminal in 1984. The man, Jeffrey Doucet, was blamed for abducting and physically attacking Jody Plauche, Jeff’s child.


Jeffrey Paul Doucet





Birth Date

February 3, 1959

Place of Birth

Port Arthur, Texas

Date of Death

March 17, 1984 (age 25)

Place of Death

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Karate instructor





No. of Victims

1+ molested

Span of crimes

March 1983 – February 29, 1984

Criminal Charges

Aggravated kidnapping (never faced trial)


February 29, 1984


Deceased (shot by victim’s

Jeff was allowed a seven-year suspended sentence with five years’ probation and 300 hours of local area administration rather than a homicide allegation. He didn’t need to do any prison time.

In any case, the case got wide exposure since certain individuals addressed whether Plauché ought to have been accused of homicide or let off.

Additionally, Plauché was companions with a few high-positioning cops in the Baton Rouge Police Department. While numerous individuals accepted that these contact educated Plauche concerning the whereabouts of Doucet, it was subsequently uncovered that it was indeed a representative of the neighborhood ABC partner WBRZ-TV who gave Plauché the data

Besides, Plauché held up in the air terminal close to TV groups on a payphone as every one of the correspondents trusted that the ruffian will land. He was wearing a baseball cap and shades so nobody would remember him and he could effectively go on with his plan.

According to the video, Plauché took out his firearm and discharged a solitary fired, straightforwardly to Doucet’s head. Further in the video, Plauché can be seen shooting the shot before he is limited by officials who eliminated the weapon from his hand and captured him.

A large number of the police on the scene quickly perceived the shooter as the casualty’s dad and can be heard inquiring “Gary, why? Why, Gary?”

In like manner, the whole episode was caught on ENG tape.

The specific area of Gary Plauche’s child is mysteriously gone.

Jody Plauché went to Louisiana State University (LSU) to get an overall studies certificate with minors in way of thinking, discourse correspondence, and brain research.

In any case, Jody is presently utilizing the recollections of his past to assist with guarding different children. He composed a book named “Why Gary Why?”. The book gives a point by point record of the occasions from 35 years prior and determines how guardians can deal with ensure their kids.

Plauché was age 10 when he began taking karate exercises from Doucet, who became, in the little youngster’s psyche, his closest companion.

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