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Tracy Do old enough 46 died strangely alongside her girl who was only 7 years of age. What really occurred in Westport? Discover. It’s anything but an ordinary day for Westport occupants on Thursday – until the squad cars pulled up nearby. What was unveiled next was both upsetting and stunning! The officials had discovered Tracy and her little girl dead in their own home.

Tracy Do was 46 years of age in age. The clinical inspectors at long last uncovered the personality of the dead mother-little girl of Connecticut on Friday. Tracy and her girl Layla Malon were occupants of Westport. On June 17, 2021, cops discovered Tracy and Layla dead in their $1.8 million property in Lyndale Park and Weston Road. The two of them had clearly died of various causes.

The police speculate that Tracy was a Westport murder-self destruction case. Clearly, Tracy’s passing was an aftereffect of sharp wounds in the middle. While 7 years of age, Layla died from suffocating. Tracy Do was purportedly having issues in the family.

The records showed that Do was associated with a fight in court with her previous accomplice. Indeed, the a few was battling about monetary issues. Tracy’s prospective spouse was Eric John Malon. In any case, they separated in 2018 because of individual reasons. However, Do keep on working in Eric’s development business.

Tracy claimed that Malon didn’t pay something reasonable and wouldn’t satisfy his guarantees. Then again, the court records involved that Eric blamed his previous darling for not paying $10,000 in lease.

In any case, Tracy and Eric were rarely hitched. Other than Layla, they have a 13 years of age little girl named Alexis Malon. Tracy Do doesn’t have a Wikipedia history.The demise news has stunned t he entire town of Westport. Indeed, schools were shut as they grieve the inopportune downfall.

Similarly, the inhabitants even assembled around the 4,457-square-foot house to leave blossoms and banners. The full examination of the case is as yet under audit. Additionally, Major Crime investigators are caring for the reports now.

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