Yealimi Noh is a Korean-American expert golf player, who hails from San Francisco, California. She is a youthful forthcoming golf player however has substantiated herself as a marketable player. Her vocation profit as of now surpass $480 thousand.

Back in 2019, Yealimi set second at the Cambia Portland Classic competition, which is perhaps the best completion to date. Noh is as of now showing her interactivity at the continuous Women’s PGA Championship.

Favorable to Golfer Yealimi Noh’s present age is 19 years of age. She was born in 2001 and her birthday falls on July 26. Thinking of her as actual traits, Yealini Noh’s unsubstantiated tallness is accounted for as almost 5 feet 6 inches. In any case, no solid source has distributed her precise tallness and weight estimations.

LPGA golf player Yealimi Noh was raised by her folks, Kim and Brian Yealimi.Her folk s are Korean workers who moved to the US looking for a superior life.

Noh was born in San Francisco and experienced childhood in Concord, California. She is a glad American by identity yet accepts her Korean legacy. High school golf player Yealimi Noh is a confirmed client on Instagram. She present ly has 33.8k supporters on the stage under the username @yealiminoh.

Aside from Instagram, Noh is additionally routinely dynamic on Twitter yet is generally less famous. She has 2131 adherents as of June 2021. As to movement via online media, she for the most part shares her work photographs on Instagram.

Yealimi seems, by all accounts, to be a private individual and infrequently shares her about her family and dating life on friendly locales. Be that as it may, infrequently, Noh can be spotted having some good times after a weighty practice meeting.

Source: TG Time