Amy Adams with Tom Hanks

Amy Adams’s personal life is fascinating, which means that there are a lot of facts about her that moviegoers might find interesting. Furthermore, one of those facts is that the actress is working on a sequel to one of her most famous films, Enchanted.

But her career is not the only thing that a person might be interested in if they consider themselves a fan of hers. In fact, some might consider her personal life to be just as interesting as that of the characters she has played in movies and on television.

For example, there is one person that believes that the actress should start bodybuilding. Additionally, that person is also a celebrity. He is filmmaker Zack Snyder. But that’s not the only thing we know about her personal life, as there are quite a few other interesting details about Amy Adams that film fans may want to know.

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10/10 Acting Was Not Amy Adams’ First Passion

There are a lot of people who have wanted to break into the filmmaking industry their whole lives, but that is not the case for Amy Adams.

That is because her first passion was actually ballet. In fact, she has even given some advice to ballerinas in the past. Furthermore, she has claimed that she wants her daughter to be a dancer.

9/10 Amy Adams Knows How To Knit

Acting can introduce a person to a lot of different activities that they might not have been interested in otherwise. A great example of this is the fact that Amy Adams knows how to knit, and she learned to do it while she was filming the movie Doubt. Additionally, the actress tends to pick up a new hobby when she’s working on a new project.

8/10 Whitney Houston Found Amy Adams Annoying

While it might be hard to imagine anyone finding Amy Adams annoying, there is at least one person who did. That person was singer Whitney Houston.

At the time, Houston walked into a store that Adams was a greeter at. Amy Adams took her job very seriously, which is understandable, but it did not sit very well with the popular singer.

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7/10 Where Amy Adams Is From

There are a lot of interesting things that Amy Adams’ fans might like to know about the actress, and one of those things is that she was born in Italy. Additionally, she has six siblings. Four of them are her brothers, and two are her sisters. Also, her parents are American, and they ended up moving to Castle Rock, Colorado later on.

There are many actors and actresses who have some experience in the food industry due to working in it themselves to make ends meet before they were famous, and one of them is Amy Adams. Before she was popular, she worked at Hooters. However, she only worked at that restaurant for a few weeks. After that, the star bought a used car.

5/10 Amy Adams Has To Deal With Stage Fright Sometimes

It might seem as though those who suffer from stage fright could never work in the entertainment industry, but that is not the case. There are plenty of performers of all kinds that have discussed having stage fright themselves, and actress Amy Adams is actually one of them. Additionally, the actress has had to deal with stage fright throughout her entire career.

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4/10 Amy Adams’ Voice Can Be Heard In The Movie Underdog

There are a lot of actors and actresses who have had a role in an animated film. One example of this is the fact that Ellen DeGeneres played Dory in Finding Nemo and Dory. Amy Adams is another entertainer who has starred in an animated film. Fans of hers can hear her voice in the movie Underdog, which was released in 2007.

3/10 Junebug Was Important For Amy Adams’ Career

Low-budget independent films have helped make a lot of people famous, and that is the case for Amy Adams. She starred in a low-budget film called Junebug, which was really good for her career.

Furthermore, one interesting fact about that movie is that it only took the cast and crew 21 days to shoot it. Also, it earned her an Academy Award nomination.

2/10 Amy Adams Had A Role On Smallville

Many famous men and women had small roles in movies and on television shows before they were famous, and Amy Adams is one of them. The actress had a very small role in an episode of Smallville. But what makes that even more interesting is that the actress played Lois Lane in the DC Extended Universe movies much later on in her career.

1/10 Is Amy Adams Married?

Being an actress and a mother is hard enough, but it turns out that Amy Adams is also a wife. She is married to someone who is also in heavily involved in art. Her husband is Darren Le Gallo, and he is an artist, as well as an actor. The lovebirds have been married since 2015.

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