Cooper and Fallon

Jimmy Fallon had so many memorable moments on the Tonight Show. Among them, included Taylor Swift flying in at the last second and performing an emotional tribute to his mother.

We’ve also seen the other side of it, like Fallon laughing for no reason alongside Ryan Gosling, or sweating alongside Robert De Niro and running out of questions for his guest.

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This one ranks up there for a different reason, as fans couldn’t get enough of Jimmy Fallon and Bradley Cooper completely breaking, and laughing non-stop. We’ll take a look back at what ignited the laughter, and how it caused the interview to be derailed completely.

In addition, we’ll take a look at another appearance of Cooper’s on Fallon’s Tonight Show, and how things almost got completely derailed again between the two, due to another giggle-feast.

Credit to Bradley Cooper taking a career risk, returning to Broadway and appearing in Elephant Man. Cooper took part in the play Three Days Of Rain prior, alongside Paul Rudd and Julia Roberts. Though that particular play didn’t go over so well.

However, for Elephant Man, Cooper knew things would be different. Despite what others might think, his team were very supportive about the project, off-camera.

He stated alongside Deadline, “He loved it, and by the way, my agency’s very happy I’m doing this. At least they tell me that. But you know what? The truth is, I’ve never been in it for the money. And they know that. We hit the jackpot with Hangover, you know what I mean? That was an amazing thing that we never saw coming.”

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Cooper had a deep motivation behind the project, stemming from the fact that it got him into acting. “It was that movie, when I was a kid. The Elephant Man. John Hurt. That was the crystalized moment, where I thought, Oh, I really need to do this for a living.”

Although he was successful promoting the play with Deadline, the same could not be said for his time alongside Jimmy Fallon.

Bradley Cooper And Jimmy Fallon Couldn’t Stop Laughing And Constantly Tried To Restart The Interview

It started off as a regular interview but soon enough, things went off the rails completely. Cooper could not explain his play, Elephant Man, without bursting into laughter look at Jimmy Fallon. It also didn’t help things that duo were wearing hilarious hats at the same time.

The two constantly tried to restart the interview, but it was always the same outcome.

Clearly, fans couldn’t get enough of the viral interview, as it was watched by over 22 millions fans.

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In the comments section, fans were raving about the interview.

One fan wrote, “That is some of the funniest Fallon I’ve ever seen. Forbidden laughter is so great. When they broke because they looked at each other was precious. They were like two little kids.”

Another fan noted that the laughter lasted over ten minutes, yet was still hilarious to watch throughout. “I just can’t believe I watched two people laugh for almost 11 minutes, and I actually enjoyed it.”

At the end of the interview, Fallon hilariously looks at his producer and asks if anything from the discussion was useable. Thankfully, there were bits and pieces, or else it would have been a long night for Fallon and Cooper.

Bradley Cooper And Jimmy Fallon Almost Slipped Again A Few Years Later

It almost happened again… this time around, Bradley Cooper was on the Tonight Show, promoting his film A Star Is Born. This time around, things started off on the right foot, however, when Cooper shared a story from his past, things took a turn.

Both once again burst into laughter, though this time around it was controllable at the very least.

Fans were hoping it would’ve caused the two to go off the rails again.

One fan wrote in the comments section, “I always get excited when Bradley Cooper is on the tonight show because of the uncontrollable laughing that always happens when they get together.”

Other fans would also note that the two tried their best not to make eye contact for extended periods of time, as it would have caused another giggle-feast.

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