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This actress is definitely a star on the rise. Known previously for her appearances in Netflix’s Bloodline and HBO’s The Sex Lives Of College Girls, Chandler Lovelle’s acting career has just been taken to a new height. She stars as Renee in the Steven Spielberg film The Fabelmans, based on his own life.

TheThings sat down with the talented actress to discuss working with Steven Spielberg, her dream co-stars, and filming during a pandemic.

Chandler Lovelle Says Steven Spielberg Is A Very Involved Director

Steven Spielberg is one of the most recognized directors, known for West Side Story, Poltergeist, and several others. And shockingly, he is still just as involved in his projects now as he was back then. Chandler revealed exactly what he was like when on the set of The Fabelmans:

“He was so hands-on in directing all of the scenes–feeling out what was working and what wasn’t and what might add more to the moment and then sprinkling those artistic nuggets in throughout the movie.”

As one of her biggest projects yet, Chandler has nothing but great things to say about the entire filming process. “This experience was an absolute dream–a once in a lifetime opportunity,” she said. “Everyone was incredibly kind and welcoming and I was floored to be surrounded by such immense talent. I was shocked at how collaborative Mr. Spielberg was and how much trust he puts in his actors. I didn’t know this going into the film, but oftentimes he will make new scenes and lines up on the spot! You don’t have time to think. You just “be” and live as the character in the moment.

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Speaking of the Academy Award-winning director, Chandler also revealed her all-time favorite Steven Spielberg movie. And it’s one of his most iconic yet.

“The Terminal. I love The Terminal so much. Tom Hanks’s character is just so empathy-inducing…it makes my emotional little actor-heart feel for him so much. And all of the supporting characters are incredibly well developed and specific. It’s a masterclass in character development.”

Chandler Lovelle Recalls Her First Day On Set Of ‘The Fabelmans’

On the star-studded set, there was never a dull moment when Chandler worked on The Fabelmans. But, the young actress did recall one of her favorite days; and it happened to be her first.

I guess my first day on set was extra magical for so many reasons.” she reflected. “And my favorite moment from that day was when we were filming mini scenes within Sammy Fabelman’s Ditch Day movie within the movie.”

She also revealed the process behind one of the comedic moments of the film, which Steven thought of unexpectedly.

“Mr. Spielberg added a really funny moment between Isabelle Kusman, the actor who played Claudia, and myself where she hits me in the face with a water balloon. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll understand why she might want to do that. But the actual process of getting a water balloon to perfectly burst on your face while rolling film was hilarious. The 1st AD was crouched on the ground in front of me just chucking them at my face until we got it right. It was sweltering that day so I was very grateful haha.”

Chandler also shared what it was like to film the movie during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Everything considered, production really had their ducks in a row and handled filming during a pandemic with such grace,” she explained. “They had their system down and stuck to it and kept everyone safe. The only somewhat challenging part was keeping track of our masks between takes. We’d hand them off when they’d start rolling and then by the time cut was called it was a mad dash to find them again haha.”

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Chandler Lovelle Reveals Her Dream Co-Stars List

Even though she has already worked with some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry, from Michelle Williams to Seth Rogen, there are still a few people that Chandler would love to work with next:

“Oh my gosh I think I would just die of happiness if I got to work with Jodie Comer. Or Julie Andrews. Why not both! But Jodie Comer’s acting is just flawless…she has this ability to morph into characters seamlessly. I so admire her work. It’d be a dream to work with her and learn from her on set one day.”

See Chandler shine in The Fabelmans, available in all movie theaters on November 23rd!

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