Jeremy Clarkson shouldn't be fired for 'disgusting' Meghan Markle remarks, says Dom Joly | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Jeremy Clarkson was called out for attacking Meghan Markle in a column in which he relived a Game of Thrones scene and imagined pelting her with excrement, while she was paraded through the streets naked. Despite the Clarkson’s Farm star raging that he hated her on a “cellular level”, leading some to call for him to lose work as Piers Morgan had done, Dom Joly is a firm believer that he shouldn’t be sacked.

“I think what he said about Meghan was pretty disgusting, but it kind of was clearly a jokey stupid reference to Game of Thrones,” he rationalised during his interview with

“I think it’s ridiculous that Jeremy Clarkson could be fired [as] I’m all for free speech,” he insisted.

There had been talk of the previously much-loved presenter losing lucrative contracts with Amazon Prime for shows like Clarkson’s Farm, after thousands of Ofcom complaints came flooding in about his comments.

However, Dom also stated that his words had been “unpleasant”.

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Meanwhile, he had some advice for the addled star, who publicly apologised for causing upset – to “take a couple of weeks off”.

His words were stronger for Piers, who previously lost his role on Good Morning Britain after refusing to apologise for not believing some aspects of Meghan’s account of life in the Royal Family.

“I don’t think anything will ever calm Piers Morgan down – I just think he’s got quite a few bees in his bonnet and I think he has almost social media diarrhoea,” Dom groaned.

“He does seem to have a particular bee in his bonnet about famous women, Meghan Markle being the obvious one.

Dom supported Madonna and thought Piers had been overly “nasty”, but his sympathy didn’t extend to jailed influencer Andrew Tate, who he exclaimed “should never have any contact with anyone again”.

Masculinity coach Andrew, a former kickboxer, has been imprisoned in Romania over allegations that he was involved in trafficking and coercing women to record pornographic content for his webcam company.

So far Andrew has not been charged and he denies all the claims against him, but Dom stood against his social media persona, in which the influencer has previously described himself as a “misogynist”.

“The guy is an absolute moron, showing off about cars and macho culture. He’s everything that’s wrong in the world!” Dom exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Dom is preparing for the release of his new book later this year, which details his travels around the world to meet conspiracy theorists, including vehement anti-vaccination campaigners.

His rationale behind writing it? “I thought rather than bash them, I’d meet up with some of them.”

He now admits he “met way too many anti-vaxxers for my liking”, but still found the learning experience fascinating.

“I went to Finland to hear conspiracy theories that the plain of Finland doesn’t really exist and I went to Fogo Island (Newfoundland) to meet a flat earther,” he teased ahead of his upcoming book release.

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