Miriam Haart

After more than a year of waiting, My Unorthodox Life is finally set to return for its second season – and Miriam Haart couldn’t be more excited.

We sat down with the Netflix star to hear about what she’s most excited for fans to see in Season 2 – plus, she shares how life has changed for her since she shot to fame on the show.

Miriam Haart Opens Up About How Life Has Changed, Post-Reality Stardom

If it seems like the premiere of My Unorthodox Life felt like just the other day, we’re not the only ones.

“I can’t believe it’s been over a year!” Miriam Haart muses.

And what a year (and then some!) it’s been.

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For Miriam, the undisputed highlight of her newfound platform is her ability to empower more women, on a bigger scale.

“My life has changed since the show first released, and in so many positive ways. I’m just doing what I’ve always aspired to do – empower women – but, because of the show, my platform to do that has grown.”

Asked about the other major changes – like celebrity status – Miriam chuckles.

“I don’t really feel like I’m famous, but I do get recognized – and I have to do public announcements when I’m in a relationship, or out of a relationship … just silly things like that.”

However, the app engineer maintains that she went into the show with her eyes wide open.

“It’s nothing that I wouldn’t have expected, going onto the show,” she shrugs.

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It’s no surprise, then, that asked if she had any advice for herself, pre-“My Unorthodox Life,” she smiles that it would be the same advice she’d give her 20-year-old self – and 20-year-olds everywhere, for that matter.

“I’d say, ‘Practice self-compassion.’ I think that when we’re teenagers and 20-year-olds, we still value other people’s opinions immensely. As you get older, those opinions matter less and less. So, don’t stress about how you look in that shirt – you look amazing. I just wish I was kinder to myself, back then.”

Miriam Shares Why She’s Not Nervous To Watch Herself, This Season

Self-compassion can be easier said than done, but Miriam Haart is making a point of practicing what she preaches – starting with Season 2.

In response to the question, “What are you nervous for fans to see, this season?” Miriam laughs, before sharing a knowing smile.

“I try not to be nervous, as much as I can, because there’s not much I can really do, you know, in terms of awkward camera angles or silly things that I say. I signed up for this, and I decided that I’m going to allow a camera to film me.”

That approach seems to have been for the best, as Miriam goes on to add that this season, vulnerability is the order of the day – and she’s not the only one getting real.

Miriam Reveals What We Can Expect From Season 2

A bigger platform isn’t all that’s changed for Miriam and her family since My Unorthodox Life first premiered.

In fact, she tells us that pretty much everything has changed for their family, in general.

“Where my family was in Season 1, and where we are now are two very, very different places. In Season 2, you’ll get to see what I mean by that.”

Undoubtedly referring to her mother’s divorce from Silvio Scaglia, Miriam adds that viewers will have a front-row seat to the family’s drama.

“A lot of drama,” she clarifies. “A lot of drama coming, Season 2.”

Oh – and no one is holding back.

“We’re more vulnerable than ever, we’re more open than ever … we’re just going to a deeper level with the viewers, and I’m really excited for fans to see how much we love and prioritize family above all.”

“Everyone really opens up about what’s going on,” she continues. “It’s very intimate. There’s a lot of crying, and it’s very personal.”

“I’m anxious but also excited for the world to see this side of my family: the vulnerable side.”

Miriam Opens Up About Filming With Her Partner

It’s not all drama, though.

As seen in the trailer, My Unorthodox Life‘s sophomore season will feature more of Miriam’s personal life – and that includes her relationship with Nathalie Ulander.

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Asked about that experience, Miriam shares that she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“It was really fun, filming with my partner. It was her first time filming a TV show, and I had done one season already, so I was able to give her as much of an inside scoop as I possibly could, and we saw it as an adventure.”

“We took advantage of the opportunity as much as we could,” she concludes, “And made sure that we were always comfortable with everything that came out in the show.”

Now’s as good a time as ever to say, we can’t wait for Season 2 of My Unorthodox Life.

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