Margaret Josephs

The Real Housewives has to be one of our favorite reality television shows. Seriously, who doesn’t love watching the women of each franchise get together to address drama and foster friendships? If you love the Real Housewives as much as we do, you may have wondered more about the women that we see grace our TV screens. Primarily, we’re talking about their zodiac signs.

If we didn’t mention, we’re also pretty big fans of astrology around here, and we love finding out our favorite celebrities’ zodiac signs. Some of our favorites include Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, and Reese Witherspoon, and you know what their signs happen to be? Aries! Let’s check out some of the Real Housewives that are all Aries.

9 What Are The Most Common Traits Of Aries?

Aries are born between March 21 and April 19. All in all, those who have Aries as their astrological Sun sign are often known for being very passionate people. One very typical word that Aries are defined by is fiery — this is the sign’s “stereotype.” However, there are many other great qualities that Aries possess.

Aside from some hotheaded tendencies, Aries are incredibly loyal, confident, and motivated individuals, driven by the things that matter the most to them. Whether that’s their family or their careers, Aries are going to get what they go after.

8 Which Real Housewives Cast Has The Most Aries?

Of all the varying Real Housewives franchises, there is (noticeably) one cast that is made up of the most Aries women. The cast has to be one that is known for arguing, emphasizing loyalty, and always revisiting conflict that we all thought they put to bed.

If you take all of these qualities and think of one Real Housewives show, you’ll know exactly which cast we’re talking about. Of course, it’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Really, which cast argues in the way that RHONJ does? Knowing that three of their cast members are Aries just makes sense.

7 Which Real Housewives Are Aries?

Quite honestly, there are very few Real Housewives that are Aries. However, their presence never goes unnoticed, trust that. The housewives that are Aries are known for being bold personalities on their shows and for sticking with the people they feel the most loyal to.

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny that an Aries housewife makes pretty great reality TV!

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6 Why Are There So Few Aries Housewives?

There’s not one reason we can pinpoint as to why there are so few Aries housewives. If we had to guess, we’d definitely have to say maybe it’s because Aries have such strong personalities. As one of the three fire signs, we know that Aries are strong headed by nature, often known for being extremely bold people. To be completely honest, it’s hard to have so many rich and intricate personalities get together, so maybe that’s the reason as to why there have been so few Aries housewives.

5 Melissa Gorga: March 21 (RHONJ)

She’s “On Display,” and she’s also an Aries — it’s Melissa Gorga, of course. Throughout Melissa’s time on RHONJ, she’s been known as a very confident figure that fights hard for what she believes is great. Melissa showcases her leadership skills in other areas of her life, too, though with her business, Envy by Melissa Gorga. She’s been extremely dedicated to fostering a successful business, as well as a thriving home life with her family.

Melissa has been in her fair share of crazy and hectic moments, like all Aries typically are. Melissa, too, has been very vocal about her loyalty to her husband, Joe Gorga, despite what may be happening in their lives. However, at the end of the day, Aries are all about having fun, something we all know Melissa has lots of.

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4 Vicki Gunvalson: March 29 (RHOC)

If we’re going to be mentioning Aries that love having fun, you know we have to talk about the OG of the OC. While Vicki Gunvalson has gone through so much throughout the years on-and-off screen of RHOC, we all know that she was known for bringing joy to the group in its earlier seasons. However, Vicki’s dominating Aries’ sun has also shone through via her personality throughout the years. She’s had some moments that some would call “overbearing,” but that’s just how Aries sometimes act — you can’t blame her, she is a fire sign.

3 Robyn Dixon: March 31 (RHOP)

Like all the other Aries on this list, we’d have to say that Robyn Dixon personifies her sun sign at all times. Robyn’s fiery personality has come through on RHOP when many of the other ladies have questioned her relationship with her husband, Juan Dixon. Still, her relationship with Juan has showcased Robyn’s undeniable loyalty and passion. Speaking of loyalty… we all know that Robyn and fellow Potomac housewife, Gizelle Bryant, are extremely close. Her drive and determination to create a great life for her boys has shone through Robyn’s efforts with her businesses.

2 Margaret Josephs: April 9 (RHONJ)

If you didn’t know, now you know: Margaret Josephs is an Aries! To be exact, Margaret is actually a double Aries, meaning that both her sun and moon are in Aries. What does that mean, you might be asking? Well, that means both Margaret’s core personality (sun sign) and emotions (moon sign) are ruled by the fiery, compassionate sign of Aries.

Margaret is a key persona among the ladies of New Jersey, often known for bringing up hot topics of conversation to address with the group. While some may see Margaret as a pot stirrer, it’s really just in her Aries nature to find out the truth. Whether she’s working on her business endeavors or standing beside her best friends, you can count on Margaret to be extremely passionate.

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1 Jennifer Aydin: April 16 (RHONJ)

Oh yes, another New Jersey housewife is an Aries. In fact, like Margaret, Jennifer Aydin is also a double Aries. You know what that means — double the trouble, and double the fun! Fans of RHONJ know just how much Jennifer’s family means to her, and it’s something that no one should ever attempt to come after. If anyone even attempts to question Jennifer, she gets set ablaze, frustrated by those who don’t see eye to eye with her.

On the other side of things, we know that Jennifer has an emotional side to her, just like all Aries. Her outgoing personality and ability to persist despite any challenges that come her way is just another reason that we love Jennifer. Because Margaret and Jennifer are both double Aries, we think that this might be a part of the reason that the two clash so often on the show.

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