Donae Baker

Donae Baker was always destined to be a star, and thanks to TikTok, she’s done just that.

Just one question: where does this superstar go, next?

We sat down with the TikToker to hear more about her plans for 2023 and beyond – plus, she reveals the perks of the job that make even the most challenging day as a content creator well worth it.

Donae Has Big Goals, And We’ve Got The Scoop

As Donae has previously told TheThings, she’s long been told by those closest to her that acting might be her calling.

And, as it turns out, that’s a sentiment her inner voice concurs with.

“I’ve always wanted to be a star,” she beams, her energy infectious.

Thanks to TikTok, that’s certainly a dream within reach – and she laughs that thanks to her new platform, she’s halfway there.

However, don’t count on this social media powerhouse slowing down, any time soon.

Far from it, even though she makes a point of noting that she’s not putting pressure on herself just yet, she’d love to be an actor.

“I’m mostly excited to see where life takes me in 2023 … but I do really want to get into acting.”

As for what’s next, beyond this year, she smiles that she has big dreams.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, all fall under the entertainment industry.

“I’m hoping to do reality TV, or even interview celebrities on carpets. Really, anything in the media.”

Donae Points Out The Pros And Cons Of Content Creation

Content creation has brought Donae to the cusp of her wildest dreams – but that’s not to say it’s all moonlight and roses.

In fact, she points out that there are definitely some unique challenges to the job.

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For starters, Donae explains that navigating her personal life has come with a new layer of complexity.

“Now that I have a following, I never really know who to trust. Sometimes it seems as though everyone only wants to get to know you for one thing.”

That said, inasmuch as she’s been exposed to users, she smiles that those who do have the right intentions make it all worth it.

“The best part about what I do is definitely the sense of community it provides. The people that support me are honestly all like my best friends. I never really feel alone, because I know I could always message them, or rant on Live, and they would be there for me – just like I would be there for them.”

There’s another perk, too.

While TikTok users may flock to Donae’s content for entertainment, she laughs that she’s often just as entertained by their interactions with her.

“I probably have the funniest supporters out there,” she smiles.

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We’ll go right ahead and call this a pretty epic example of ‘like attracts like.’

Donae has created the perfect community for herself, by way of social media – and most importantly, she’s done it all while staying true to herself.

It’s only fitting, then, that in response to our final question – ‘What would you say to your pre-TikToker self?’ – her reply is a testament to that authenticity.

“I would tell her to continue to stay authentic and true to herself.”

Whether Donae’s next venture will see her on a reality show, the big screen or the red carpet, we have no doubts that if she brings that same energy to it, the limit to all she’ll go on to achieve simply doesn’t exist.

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