Jeff Schroeder, Jordan Lloyd, and Their Kids

The Big Brother household is so conducive to romance that most fans are accustomed to witnessing contestants getting swept up in whirlwind affairs with each new season. Unfortunately, Big Brother showmances rarely blossom into actual relationships, with most unraveling as soon as the cameras stop rolling. Although the show has spawned multiple couplings through its two-decade run, only about a dozen are still going strong today.

In terms of longevity, Jeff Schroeder and Big Brother 11 winner Jordan Lloyd undoubtedly blow all other Big Brother couples out of the water. The two have been together since they met on Big Brother’s eleventh season, which aired back in 2009, making their relationship the longest in the show’s history. Here’s what the famed couple has been up to since making their Big Brother debut.

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8/8 When Did Jeff And Jordan Start Dating?

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd met on Big Brother’s eleventh season, where they formed a formidable alliance that ultimately led to Jordan’s unprecedented victory.

The two started dating shortly after the season wrapped. “Right after the show, we’d only go about four days before seeing each other,” Jordan disclosed to Entertainment Weekly at the time. “I went to Chicago to meet his family. He has a huge family.”

7/8 Jeff And Jordan Were Contestants On Season 16 Of The Amazing Race

A year after making their reality TV debut on Big Brother, Jeff and Jordan decided to take their talents to The Amazing Race.

However, the two didn’t come close to winning the season, finishing seventh place after making a series of gross mistakes. “We were trying to keep it positive,” Jeff told TV Guide at the time, “but this leg, if everything could’ve gone wrong, I think it did.”

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6/8 Jeff And Jordan Got Engaged On Big Brother 14

Jeff Schroeder decided to propose to Jordan on a special episode of Big Brother 14, granting the Big Brother fandom front row seats to one of the biggest moments in their relationship.

Shortly after the engagement, the two signed up for Marriage Boot Camp in a bid to strengthen their relationship before tying the knot. “We know marriage isn’t easy,” Jeff told Big Brother Network, “and we wanted to sharpen the tools that we have and learn new ones, so we could be the strongest couple we can be before we tie the knot.”

5/8 Jeff And Jordan Welcomed Their First Child In October 2016

Barely a year after appearing on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Jeff and Jordan announced that they were expecting their first child. The duo welcomed their son, Lawson Keith Schroeder, in October 2016.

“I’m excited for when the baby starts walking, and I can start playing with him,” Jeff told US Weekly at the time. “I just want to do typical dad things like play sports with him and take him to the park.”

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4/8 When Did Jeff And Jordan Tie The Knot?

Jeff and Jordan tied the knot shortly after realizing that they were expecting their first child. Although the two had planned an elaborate destination wedding, they opted for a courthouse ceremony to ensure that their baby had “the same last name on the birth certificate too.”

“I was like, ‘Let’s just go on ahead and get married, and then we’ll have the baby,” Jordan disclosed to Us Weekly back in 2016, “and then next year we’ll have a wedding ceremony with all of our friends.’”

3/8 Jeff And Jordan Welcomed Their Second Child In September 2018

Jeff and Jordan’s family continued to expand after they tied the knot. The two welcomed their second child, Layton Sarti Schroeder, after two years of wedded bliss.

“Welcome to the world Layton Sarti Schroeder 8lbs 7oz – 20.5 inches,” Jeff wrote on Instagram at the time. “Lawson is gonna be the best Big Brother!”

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2/8 Jeff and Jordan Landed Their Own Reality TV Show In 2021

Jeff and Jordan are currently hosting This You Need To See, a real estate television series, which premiered on CBS on April 17, 2021.

“Jeff and I met and fell in love when we were locked up in the Big Brother house,” Jordan quipped in a statement to CNN ahead of the show’s premiere, “so if there’s one thing we know … it’s houses.”

Jeff and Jordan have also appeared in lesser-known reality TV shows like Jeff & Jordan Do America, Survivor Live, and Reality Remix.

1/8 Will Jeff And Jordan Ever Return To The Big Brother House?

Despite being absolute fan-favorites, Jeff and Jordan have no plans to return to the Big Brother household.

“I’m in a different stage of my life, and I could not be away from my kids and Jeff for 100 days,” Jordan admitted to Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview. “I would not want to go through all of that again, but I love enjoying it, watching at home.”

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