Derrick Smith Cause Of Death

A renowned basketball player who was associated with the NBA, Derrick Smith cause of death was an apparent massive heart attack during a farewell cocktail Party.  

Smith was a famous figure who had accumulated fans globally for his basketball-playing skills. He had triumphed in a national championship with the Louisville Cardinals in 1980 but his professional span lessened with a knee injury.

After that, the legendary athlete became an assistant coach for the Washington Bullets from 1994 until his demise. With that, the National Basket Association lost one of its prominent players.

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Derrick Smith Cause Of Death: How Did NBA Player Die?

Derrick Smith, who portrayed his basketball skills widely as one of the prominent players, passed away on August 19, 1996, at thirty-four years old. With this, it has been a few decades since the world faced his loss.

Likewise, he unexpectedly suffered a noticeable massive heart attack which caused his death during a goodbye cocktail Party with the existence of his mates.

Remembering Celtic Derek Smith, an unlikely sidekick lost to injuries and time
Remembering Celtic Derek Smith, an unlikely sidekick, lost to injuries and time (Source- Celtics)

Ship medics initiated to revive him for twenty-five minutes before announcing him dead. It was a shocking incident for his well-wishers after hearing sudden demise.

In August 1996, the late basketball player went on the season ticketholder of the Bullets and the Washington Capitals on a cruise and took his family along on the special moment.

Also, he and then-Bullets player Tim Legler volunteered to maintain basketball clinics during the cruise. However, the legendary player went on to never return shockingly.

Was Derrick Smith Married? Know About His Children Too

Derrick Smith is a married man with two children. He was wed to Monica Smith, with whom he expanded his family by being the parent of a daughter, Sydney, and a son, Nolan.

His son followed in his footsteps by becoming a renowned basketball player. He was always devoted to his Father, and with his untimely loss, he still remembers him. 

Like his Father in 2010, he made it to the NCAA D-I match; Nolan and his Duke Blue Devils succeeded in the National Championship, just as his Father and Louisville Cardinals had accomplished in 1980. 

All Heart: Derek Smith’s Ascent and Tragic Fate
All Heart: Derek Smith’s Ascent and Tragic Fate (Source: Reinis Lacis’s Basketball Blog)

On his remembrance, Nolan has a tattoo of his Father on his arm, citing Derrick’s likeness and the words: “Forever Watching.” In April 2022, Nolan got associated with the coaching staff at his Father’s alma mater.

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Derrick Smith Net Worth At Death

Even though Derrick Smith had not briefly revealed his net worth at death, he must be the owner of multi-million dollars.

Since his name lists him as the ’90s superstar player, his earnings would equal that.

Likewise, Smith has achieved a milestone during his career since he played with renowned clubs during various periods.

Additionally, his physical features included being six feet six-inch tall, which boosted his confidence in the game and profession.

Even though his injury shortened his playing duration, he was still an assistant coach until he died.

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