Alfie Boe suicide
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Renowned English actor and singer Alfie Boe suicide attempts and thoughts that he bravely revealed shocked his fans and followers.

The singer, who primarily performs in musical theatre, shared that he tried to take his own life following the separation from his wife, Sarah,  in 2020.

Alfie Boe and now his ex-spouse, Sarah, were married for 18 years and shared two adorable children, Grace and Alfred Robert.

After the end of his marriage with his spouse, the actor said he went to a “real dark place.” Read on to learn how he attempted to end his life and overcame the suicidal thoughts.

Alfie Boe Suicide Attempt And Thought Due To Depression

During his appearance on the BBC show “Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof” in early 2022, Alfie Boe revealed that he overdosed and ended up in a rehabilitation center.

the talented opera singer, who still misses his former wife, stated that he got a little emotional because everyone was talking about their better halves and it hit him harder than he realized.

Boe parted ways with Sarah in 2020 after being together as a married couple for 18 years. “We have two adorable kids. Unfortunately, our journey wasn’t to last forever,” the prominent actor continued.

While clarifying that they have been close friend despite their separation, Boe said it is still not the same.

“It has been two years (in 2022), but it still hurts. I miss her, I miss what we had,” said the Lancashire-born artist.

Alfie Boe Went To A Real Dark Place After Separation 

Moreover, the prominent opera singer said, that during the initial phase of his separation, he went to a “real dark place.”

Alfie’s journey was a tumultuous one, filled with self-loathing and a loss of self-direction.

His despair led him to a reckless act of self-harm, a desperate cry for help born out of a sense of hopelessness.

The singer’s life became a whirlwind of constant travel and prolonged separations, adding to his emotional turmoil.

The decision to seek help led him to a rehabilitation facility, a daunting experience that lasted five weeks.

“I haven’t discussed this in public since it feels strange, but if it might help someone, I would be happy to do so,” added Alfie Boe.

Alfie Boe Illness And Health 2023

Considering his brave revelation about his struggle with depression, the world-renowned musician seems to have won the emotional battle.

The English artist acknowledged the debilitating nature of the condition, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and the realization that everyone makes mistakes.

Eventually, he found inner strength to cope with his struggles, attributing his resilience to his lovely marriage and the joy of having two beautiful children.

Despite the end of his marriage, he maintained a positive outlook, viewing it not as a failure but as a meaningful chapter in his life.

Alfie Boe’s children, friends, and family played a crucial role in his recovery, helping him rediscover hope and purpose.

The opera singer’s commitment to personal growth is evident in his desire to be a better person for everyone in his life.

Nevertheless, the renowned artist’s courage in opening up about his experiences with depression and suicidal thoughts is a powerful reminder that it’s okay to seek help. 

It’s okay not to be okay so that we can find ourselves all over again.

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