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Who is Ana Kasparian?

Ana Kasparian can best be described as an Armenian-American political pundit, a writer, and university lecturer. She is famous through co-hosting the online news show, “The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur, a Turkish internet personality. She has also co-hosted numerous other shows which have boosted her popularity and so gained her a huge following. She started working on “The Young Turks” show as a fill-in producer back in 2007, before becoming a co-host in 2012. She has also been the main host of the TYT Network’s show, “The Point” since then.

Ana Kasparian Childhood and Early Life

Anahit Misak Kasparian, now 32 years old, was born on 7 July 1986, in Northridge, Los Angeles California USA, to Armenian immigrants, but she is an American by nationality. This means that she is white by ethnicity, and her birth sign is Cancer. Ana’s great-grandparents witnessed first-hand the 1915 great tragedy known as the Armenian Genocide. Ana is an atheist by religion. She is now noted for her charismatic looks, and the way she presents herself confidently on-screen. As a young child, Anna could not utter an English word until later in her childhood when she was enrolled into a kindergarten. This shows how far she has come to be a renowned host of some of the best TV shows.  She attributes her love for the “Sesame Street” show as to why she was able to learn English easily and quickly. From the age of 3 to 19, Ana was a ballet dancer, and even performed professionally during that period.

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Before Fame

Ana Kasparian went to Valley Alternative High School from where she matriculated in 2004, before joining California State University, Northbridge, graduating with a BA in journalism in 2007. She proceeded to get her Masters degree in Political Science which she earned in 2010. after which she applied for several internships where she got the opportunity to work in various radio and news stations. This helped her polish her skills and become the renowned journalist she is today. Before she started her career with “The Young Turks”, Ana Kasparian worked as an assistant for several news networks such as KFWB and CBS Radio. She also took part in the compilation of AOL news, in addition to working as a TYT University host; these jobs gave her the experience she needed for her journalism career. Her breakthrough came when she joined “The Young Turks” show, the biggest online news program.

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How Did Ana Kasparian Become Famous?

When she joined Cenk to host “The Young Turks”, people were shocked that she would associate with such a name, as these are the same people who committed the Armenian genocide which affected her family directly – she explained that the name means a person who rebels against authority. Her boldness in hosting the show made her popular, and has continued be forthright ever since. In 2015 Ana Kasparian was also appointed as an Op-ed writer to work on “Raw Story”, and since then she has become an online sensation. She is now also a Professor and a lecturer at the California State University, where she teaches broadcast journalism.

Ana Kasparian Net Worth, Salary, and Assets

Are you wondering how much Anna Kasparian is worth? Well, it is true to say that almost all her money comes from the online TV shows that she hosts, and that she earns approximately $50,000 each month, or around $600,000 annually.  According to authoritative sources, Ana has already accumulated a net worth of over $2 million as of late-2018, through her growing popularity in the media. She reputedly lives in a lavish apartment in Los Angeles, but does have any other known assets or alternative sources of income apart from her salary.

Ana Kasparian’s Body Measurements and Features

Ana Kasparian is 5ft 3ins or 1.6m tall, and reputedly weighs 115 pounds, or 52kgs. Her vital statistics are 37-27-35 inches, her shoe size is 7.5 U, and.she has sparkling brown eyes that match with her brown hair.

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Ana Kasparian’s Family

Ana was born to Armenian parents who immigrated to the United States, and although not a lot is known about her family, she also has a brother named Armen and has shared his photo online, admiring his childhood haircuts.

Is Ana Kasparian Married/ Single/Lesbian?

Ana Kasparian is neither single nor a lesbian. She is married to Christian Lopez an actor, model, and Minor League Baseball player. Her courtship and proposal have a fun twist, as Christian’s proposal was no ordinary one; after dating Christian for several months, they finally became engaged in October 2015, with his proposal one of a kind. As the couple was carving pumpkins at a contest, Christian carved the words “Will you marry me?” into his pumpkin – when he showed it to Ana, of course she immediately said yes. The couple went ahead and held a secret wedding the following month, before doing so publicly in 2016, attended by her work colleagues, family and close friends. Although they have been married for several years, they are yet to have their first child.

Ana Kasparian’s Senate Ambitions

In 2017, there were rumors that Ana was actively considering running for a Senate seat in 2018,  likely with the support of the Justice Democrats, a liberal organization that was started by Cenk Uygur, Ana’s co-host at The Young Turks. However, the communications director of Justice Democrats said the group was in the process of launching another candidate, without divulging any names.

Source: Affair Post

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