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Who Is Brent Champagne? Everything About The Big Brother Cast

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Brent Champagne of age 28 is set to land on the Big Brother 23 season. Get to know more about his parents and girlfriend.

Brent aims for some backdoors to eliminate his targets and charm his fellow Big Brother Houseguests into allies. On Thursday, CBS revealed the 16 new cast members who will live and compete together for the grand prize of $500,000. 

The upcoming Big Brother season will begin with a 90-minute premiere special on Wednesday, July 7. 

Brent Champagne Age & Birthday

Brent Champagne age is 28 years old. 

He has not revealed his other birth details, which means no information regarding his birthday is disclosed. 

Brent Height: How Tall Is He?

Brent Champagne has not mentioned anything about his height. 

Further, looking at his physical appearance and good body build, Brent seems to have a decent height of 5 feet and 8 inches tall. 

Get To Know His Parents And Family

Unfortunately, information on Brent Champagne’s parents and family couldn’t be gathered. 

We might get more details when he speaks about them in the show or the interview in the coming years. 

Brent is a native of Cranston, RI, which explains his parents must be currently residing there. 

Who Is His Girlfriend?

There is no information on Brent Champagne’s girlfriend. 

Champagne must be single and not committed to any serious relationship. 

Meet The Cast Of Big Brother On Instagram

Champagne is on Instagram under the username @flywithchampagne

At present, he has garnered over 2k followers on his Instagram account. 

In the coming years, he will achieve more followers after he gains a huge fan who supports him. According to his Big Brother bio, his favorite activities include sports, working out, stock trading, and traveling. His life motto is, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.”

What Is His Job?

Brent Champagne works as a flight attendant. 

Brent garners significant earnings through his job, but the exact figures of his net worth are not known. 

According to The Sun, “He revealed that he was a former Live Lottery TV host for the Rhode Island Lottery and won his first car in a video-making contest.” Brent was also a former D1AA collegiate athlete. 

Likewise, he has created and has his own personal fishing website. 

Source: Celebpie

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