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Carolyn Pawlenty Family – Is Derek Chauvin Mom Related To Tim Pawlenty?

Derek Chauvin Mom Carolyn Pawlenty is 73 years old in age. Her children and family history actually have a dark past! Find out more.

After more than a year of court drama, the judge gave a final decision to George Floyd murder case. On June 26, 2021, the Minneapolis judge sentenced Derek Chauvin to 22.5 years in prison.

Carolyn Pawlenty Age

Carolyn Pawlenty is the age of 73 years old.

Before Derek Chauvin case came to a verdict, his mom, Carolyn Pawlenty, had had some words to present to the judge.

Pawlenty remarked that her son is a “good, kind and caring” man. She also pleaded to an extent to say, “When you sentence him, you will also be sentencing me”.

However, Carolyn’s statement has caused many heated debates on Twitter. Netizens were criticising her for not mentioning Geroge Floyd in the speech.

Everything On Her Children & Family: Is she married?

Carolyn Pawlenty children include Derek and daughter Krysta Pawlenty.

Turns out, Chauvin had a very rough childhood from the start.

Previously, Carolyn Pawlenty shared a family with Derek’s father Robert Chauvin. However, the couple got divorced amidst cheating allegations when Derek was just 7 years old.

Though Pawlenty first claimed Krysta as Robert’s daughter, it was later proven to be false via a DNA test. In fact, Krysta was actually a child to Carolyn’s secret lover, Leroy Jerome Pawlenty Jr.

Eventually, Robert and Carolyn got divorced on November 26, 1984. Nevertheless, they shared custody of Derek.

Now, Carolyn Pawlenty is married to her husband Leroy Jerome Pawlenty Jr. On the other hand, Robert found his new married life in Debra Chauvin.

Is Carolyn Pawlenty Related To Tim Pawlenty?

There is no proof that Carolyn Pawlenty is related to Tim Pawlenty.

The two share the same surname and are residents of Minnesota. So, there are many rumours going around that they may be related.

But, we need to consider that Carolyn takes her last name from her husband Leroy. Therefore, there is no blood relationship between the former governor and Carolyn.

Nevertheless, Derek’s mo may be related to Tim from her husband side. However, there is evidence for this right now.

Carolyn Pawlenty doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography yet. But, you can find details about Derek Chauvin case in the website.

Source: Celebpie

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