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Who is Dr. Jan Pol?

Jan-Harm Pol was born on 4 September 1942, in Drenthe, Netherlands, and is a veterinarian as well as television personality, best known for being the star of the Nat Geo Wild reality television show “The Incredible Dr. Pol”. He has over four decades worth of experience when it comes to treating animals, and is considered one of the pioneers of his profession, having treated over 23,000 cases ranging from white mice to cows.

The Wealth of Dr. Jan Pol

How rich is Dr. Jan Pol? As of late-2018, sources estimate a net worth that is over $1 million, earned through success in the veterinary field. He’s earned a significant amount of money for his work on television as well, and as he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and Veterinary Beginnings

Jan grew up on a farm surrounded by dairy cows, pigs, geese, chickens, sheep, dogs, horses, rabbits and turkeys. At the age of 12, he helped deliver a litter of piglets and this led him to discover his passion towards helping animals. As he grew up, he gained a lot of practical experience, and after matriculating from high school, he enrolled into the prestigious Utrecht University veterinary program in 1970 as a scholar. After completing his education, he then moved to Harbor Beach, Michigan in the US, working with a local vet. However, he wanted to start his own practice and moved to Weldman, Michigan in 1981, and with his wife Diane, started his own animal clinic called Pol Veterinary Services, initially from the garage of their house, but which slowly grew to include more employees as they serviced numerous patients over the years. His expertise is in large farm animals, and he’s helped numerous farmers around the country ensuring that a lot of these farmers remain in business. He helps keep livestock healthym ensuring that businesses remain profitable, so his experience and passion for his craft has made him the go-to veterinarian in his area.

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Experience and Family

Throughout the years, Dr. Pol has encountered numerous types of animal sicknesses and injuries, some of which have proven unusual – one of the most unusual injuries he saw was a snake that had been chewed by a rat which was intended to be its prey. He often does field work, and also helps pregnant animals, goats with pneumonia, injured racehorses, and rabbits with overgrown teeth. He mentioned in an interview that his work is unpredictable, and he never knows what is going to happen in a day.

Visiting the Royal Delft in Holland ? #DrPol

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According to him, the difference with animals is that they can’t make appointments, and no one knows if they’re going to get sick. There are some days when there is nothing going on and there are days that there’s too much happening. He often takes 14-hour workdays. but fully enjoys what he does, the unpredictability of his work being one of the reasons why he enjoys it. Similar to how he grew up, his son would become a sidekick, and often join him in the field, joining farm calls from as young as five years of age, and helps in the clinic too.

The Incredible Dr. Pol

However, Dr. Jan’s son realized at a young age that he didn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps. He admired his father and stated that his father was his role model, however, his calling was elsewhere and he started working in the entertainment industry, moving to Hollywood. In 2009, he realized that there was a potential project that could be made about his father, and he convinced Dr. Jan that they could do a documentary on the doctor’s life. This lead to a concept for a television series entitled “The Incredible Dr. Pol.”

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The show premiered in 2011, and follows the doctor along with his family and employees as they go through their practice in rural Weidman. They have completed 12 seasons since airing, one bit of information that was revealed is that he is color blind. In 2015, he was caught in a controversy and his license was put on probation, after Michigan regulators found negligence in his treatment of a dog struck by a car. The disciplinary actions were later overturned after the dog’s owners defended the doctor, stating that their dog received good care.

Personal Life

For his personal life, it is known that Dr. Jan has been married to Diane for over 50 years – the two met while he was a foreign exchange student in high school. She has a master’s degree in Special Reading and used to work as a schoolteacher. He is a firm believer of spaying and neutering animals. He is also active with several philanthropic organizations, including FFA (Future Farmers of America), and 4-H, which aim to teach young adults about the proper care of animals.

He is also an avid car collector, and his collection includes a 1937 Rolls Royce, a 1999 Plymouth Prowler, and a 1981 DeLorean made popular through the film “Back to the Future”. The family resides in a log cabin and they own numerous pets, including a Great Dane, two Friesian horses, a Newfoundland dog, five cats, ducks, tropical fish, chickens, doves and peacocks. When he is not working, he often travels with his wife to a variety of locations, including the Caribbean and various destinations in Europe. He is a fan of European football, and follows the Dutch national team.

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