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Floyd Schofield Wikipedia entry meticulously outlines the burgeoning career of the young and promising boxer.

Floyd Schofield, better known by his ring name Kid Austin, has undeniably etched his mark in the realm of boxing as an outstanding athlete.

Garnering the title of USA-Texas Super Featherweight Champion, Kid Austin’s achievements underscore a remarkable journey characterized by skill and determination.

His success in the ring serves as a testament to his prowess and positions him as a rising star in the boxing world.

With each victory, Kid Austin solidifies his reputation as a force to be reckoned with, promising an exciting future and continued excellence in the sport of boxing.

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Floyd Schofield Wikipedia

Floyd Schofield, hailing from Jersey City, New Jersey, is a rising boxing sensation who, despite not having a Wikipedia page yet, has managed to carve out a notable legacy in the sport.

At a young age, he has achieved significant milestones, holding titles such as the WBA International Champion, WBC’s Junior NABF Champion, and the ABF Lightweight Continental Champion.

His crowning achievement is undoubtedly being recognized as the USA-Texas Super Featherweight Champion.

This hardworking young athlete is not only making waves in the boxing ring but has also amassed an impressive following on Instagram, boasting over 200,000 followers.

Floyd Schofield’s dedication and skill in the sport, coupled with his growing fanbase, suggest that a Wikipedia page is imminent to document his journey and contributions to the world of boxing.

As he continues to grind towards a promising future, one can expect his influence and achievements to be celebrated on a broader scale, solidifying his status as a formidable force in the boxing arena.

Floyd Schofield Age: How Old Is The Boxer?

Floyd Schofield, the renowned boxer known by his nickname Kid Austin, is a dynamic force in the world of boxing, currently aged 21 as of 2023.

Born on August 27, 2002, in Jersey City, New Jersey, Schofield has achieved remarkable success at a young age, making a lasting impact on the sport.

Despite his youth, his prowess in the ring has earned him accolades such as the USA-Texas Super Featherweight Champion, showcasing a level of skill and determination beyond his years.

As an athlete on the rise, Schofield’s journey is characterized by significant achievements, including holding titles such as the WBA International Champion, WBC’s Junior NABF Champion, and the ABF Lightweight Continental Champion.

Beyond his boxing accomplishments, Schofield has garnered attention on social media, amassing over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

With his talent, dedication, and growing popularity, Floyd Schofield’s age becomes just one aspect of a promising career that continues to unfold with each successful bout.

Floyd Schofield Physical Attributes

Floyd Schofield, the rising star from Jersey City, New Jersey, is making waves in the world of professional boxing with his remarkable physical attributes and unbeaten record.

Standing at a solid 5’7″ (170cm), Schofield exudes confidence and agility in the ring, utilizing his height advantage to dominate opponents.

Born in the heart of the United States, his journey in the sport has been nothing short of impressive.

At just 21 years old, Schofield boasts a pristine pro boxing record of 16-0-0, showcasing his prowess and determination.

His undefeated status speaks volumes about his skill set and strategic approach to each bout.

Known for his lightning-fast reflexes and powerful punches, Schofield has become a force to be reckoned with in his weight class.

With a promising career ahead, Floyd Schofield is undoubtedly a rising star who embodies the spirit and tenacity of a true champion in the making.

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