Aaron Garbut Son
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Who is Aaron Garbut son? Fans are curious about the GTA 6 TikTok map leak, but its authenticity is still unknown.

Garbut became an artist at DMA Design in 1996. He received a promotion to art director in 2000.

In Grand Theft Auto, he received credit for contributing extra artwork, and in Grand Theft Auto 2, he received a thank-you credit.

Except for Grand Theft Auto Advance, he is listed as the art director at Rockstar North for all Grand Theft Auto games in the 3D and HD universe.

On January 12, 2016, Leslie Benzies departed Rockstar North, and Aaron Garbut and Rob Nelson took over as co-studio heads.

GTA 6 is expected to live up to the incredibly high standards set by the millions of gamers who firmly believe it could be the greatest game ever made.

It’s undoubtedly the most eagerly awaited game we’ve ever seen, and hundreds of millions of social media impressions were produced by Rockstar’s smallest reference to the game.

We might be able to obtain it in less than a year, which is an incredibly thrilling idea.

Who is Aaron Garbut Son? People are interested in learning more about Aaron Garbut son because they believe he accidentally leaked the GTA 6 map on TikTok.

GTA VI: Who Is Aaron Garbut Son? Wikipedia And Age

As seen in the X post above, a new GTA 6 TikTok leak has surfaced online, seemingly revealing a glimpse of the game’s expansive map.

According to reports, the leaker was none other than Aaron Garbut son, an employee of Rockstar North.

Although the original video is no longer accessible on TikTok, it is still accessible on other social media sites, such as X.

Since 1996, when the company was still known as DMA Design, Aaron Garbut has served as Rockstar North’s head of development and co-studio head.

Another purported leak that is making the rounds on the internet purports to show a chat between Garbut and himself.

Other details regarding Aaron Garbut Son have not yet been revealed but talking about his age he might be in his early 20s.

Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature three main cities and four smaller towns around them, based on this chat.

In addition, the map will be twice as large as Los Santos, with a sizable lake in the center.

The person claiming to be Garbut acknowledged the veracity of the leaks in the chat.

Is The GTA VI Really Leaked On TikTok?

First off, there are rumors that the post was shared by Aaron Garbut’s son, a prominent figure at Rockstar North, the company that develops Grand Theft Auto 6.

Other than the account sharing the footage claiming to know Garbut and calling him “the coolest dude I met” in the comments, there is no official evidence indicating that his son was the source of the leak.

A short video and many screenshots came from Garbut’s son’s friend and were shown on television.

If this is accurate, Garbut could suffer greatly because she has been with Rockstar North since 1996 as the Head of Development. Many, though, are questioning the authenticity of the leak.

“Fake leakers” have one more chance to spread their user-generated content on social media before the official trailer is released in just two days.

With every leaker in the world claiming to have exclusive GTA 6 content, it’s about to become a wildfire melting pot of Photoshopped and AI-generated content.

As of right now, it is impossible to confirm whether these GTA 6 leaks are genuine.

Fans of Grand Theft Auto will have to wait another two days to see the trailer, which is expected to offer them a first look at Vice City.

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