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Masterchef Australia Winners: Where Are They Now In 2021?

Coming on top and taking the crown of MasterChef Australia is truly something. Masterchef Australia is one of the biggest cooking competitions in history.

This show has made many culinary experts’ dreams come true. After winning the competition, each has gone out to venture into something lucrative.

Taking part in the cooking competition has been a recipe for success for these chefs. It has been a stepping stone to a good and fruitful life.

Masterchef Australia Winners: Where Are They Now In 2021?

If you have been wondering what happened to MasterChef Australia winners, sit back and relax. We will fill you in on what they have been up to since winning this thrilling cooking competition.

1. Adam Liaw – winner 2010

Adam Liaw was the winner of MasterChef Australia’s second season in 2010. The Sydney-based cook has done well with himself since then.

Adam has hosted several food shows such as Hidden Japan with Adam Liaw and the Destination Flavour series. He has now authored six cookbooks and contributed to GoodFood, The Guardian, and Sunday Life.

 He has not stopped there, for he also has a YouTube channel. Adam uses it to frequently post different recipes and exceptional culinary tips.

2. Emma Dean – winner 2013

Emma has not stopped working in the food industry since she won in 2013. MasterChef Australia was in its 5th season when Emma Dean became the winner.

She is a Victorian-based cook who has been involved in a lot. Emma is a host of a cooking show on Network Ten titled My Market Kitchen.

In addition. Emma has a cookbook to her name. When she is not working or busy with her life, Emma engages in baking.

3. Brent Owens – winner 2014, season 6

Brent Owens is one of the winners who have stood out in the MasterChef Australia show. He made headlines when he won in 2014 for donating $50,000 of money won to Emelia Jackson, a fellow contestant.

Australian chef Brent Owens has authored a book known as Dig In. He also indulges in sharing different recipes on social media.

Brent is a reality television cook. He is also the owner of Cryogenics Tech and indulges in Biotech plus Regen medicine.

4. Courtney Lapresi – winner 2014, season 5

Courtney was unlike any other contestant in the 5th season. Not only was she confident, but she also came on set with quite dressy outfits.

This talented American cook three-course meal won the judge’s hearts, making her win the competition.  Though Courtney is a talented cook, she is no longer in the cooking industry.

Currently, she has a career in sales working for Tesla. Courtney has also published a book named Everyday Fancy: 65 Easy, Elegant Recipes for Meals, Snacks, Sweets, and Drinks.

5. Christine Ha – winner 2012, season 3

Talented Vietnamese chef Christine Ha won the MasterChef edition in 2012. She has really made a good name for herself since winning the competition.

Chef Christine opened a Vietnamese eatery named Xin Chao with associate chef Tony J. Nguyen. In addition, she hosts sessions of cooking demonstrations frequently.

6. Luca Manfé – winner 2013, season four

Luca Manfé is an Italian chef and the proud winner of the 4th season of the MasterChef Australian show. He was the first non-American to take the crown, something which was phenomenal.

The Italian-based chef is famous for his Italian flair into most of his means. Luca operates a personal catering service and also does cooking classes.

Luca has a cookbook named My Italian Kitchen: Favorite Family Recipes from the Winner of MasterChef Season 4 on FOX”. He is a brand ambassador for Donna Italia, a pizza oven company.

7. Claudia Sandoval – winner 2015, season 6

In the 6th season of MasterChef Australia, Claudia Sandoval emerged as the winner. It was an engaging season, and Claudia could not be challenged easily by fellow contestants.

After her victory in 2015, Claudia authored a cookbook named Claudia’s Cocina: A Taste of Mexico. This California-based chef is a judge in MasterChef Latino, a TV cooking competition.

Claudia also has a bakery titled Sugar & Scribe. She has been involved with notable brands, including T-Mobile, Kellogg, and Coca-Cola.

8. Shaun O’Neale – winner 2016, season 7

Shaun O’Neale, a Las Vegas DJ, beat the odds to become the winner of MasterChef’s 7th season. His unique cooking ideas and skills won the judges’ hearts, even the most unimpressible, Gordon Ramsay.

O’Neale has been involved in live cooking sessions all over the world. He has also worked with big brands thanks to his MasterChef trophy.

He is now the Executive Chef of his restaurant, The Blind Pig. O’Neale spends most of his time in the restaurant, coming up with the most amazing recipes.

9. Dino Angelo Luciano – winner 2017, season 8

It was such a surprise when Luciano won the 8th season of the MasterChef. Many people didn’t think the blonde-haired, New York tattooed dancer could win.

Famous for calling himself, The Gourmet Rabbit, Luciano worked briefly with Phoenix’s Muse and Market as an executive chef. He has never stopped exploring different cooking avenues around the world.

Apart from being a chef, Luciano is an artist and a mental health advocate.

10. Gerron Hurt -winner 2019, season 9

Gerron Hurt from Louisville, Kentucky, was one of the contestants in the 9th season of MasterChef Australia in 2019. He emerged the winner thanks to his Southern-inspired menu.

As of now, Gerron is the most sought-after Southern chef. He also founded Family on a Plate LLC restaurant, which aims at having families in the kitchen cooking together in the kitchen. 

His business is famous for private chef and dinner party services. This is in addition to cooking lessons.

11. Dorian Hunter – winner 2020, season 10

The pressure on the competition made Dorian Hunter almost walkout. Thankfully, she managed to win and got crowned MasterChef. 

Dorian was the first black American chef to win in the MasterChef competition. She proved that no one can ever be underestimated.

As of now, Dorian is training under the three judges in their restaurants. She is looking to up her culinary skills to open her restaurant in the near future.


Winners of the MasterChef Australia cooking show have shown the world they can succeed. Some have opened their restaurants, while others have stepped out to increase their culinary skills.

It is evident that being in the show is not easy and requires a lot of commitment and confidence. For certain, growing a culinary empire is the ultimate goal for almost every crowned winner.

Source: Celebpie

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