Jenna Ortega Family: Boyfriend, Siblings, Parents

Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega Family

Jenna Marie Ortega was born in a family with Mexican and Puerto Rican roots. She is very conscious about her Latina roots as she wants to break a stereotype, when girls of Mexican regions are presumed to play certain roles, like the daughter of the drug cartel owner, etc. That’s why she had to refuse many roles. But her heritage is more important to her.

Jenna was just 6 years old when when got interested in acting. She decided to become a professional actress after she watched the film Man on Fire with Dakota Fanning. Her parents supported her decision and started taking Jenna to auditions. She was involved in acting so fast that almost missed her school years. Jenna was educated at home. She had no school parties with her peers and didn’t attend prom.

Date of birth: September 27, 2002

Zodiac sign: Libra

In 2013 Jenna debuted on the big screen in the film Iron Man 3. She depicted Miguel Ferrer’s screen daughter. Although Jenna’s heroine didn’t even have a name, her appearance in such a serious well-done action became a real breakthrough in her career.

In 2019 Jenna appeared in the psychological drama series “You”. She portrayed the self-confident teen girl, who lived in the same building as the main hero Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), and dreamed to become a filmmaker.

Her play was highly appreciated by many fans of “You”. She created a very truthful teen character and the viewers believed her emotions.

On November 23, 2022, Jenna Ortega came into the homes of horror stories lovers as a school goth heroine Wednesday from the eponymous supernatural comedy series. The young starlet became a household name after the release of the Netflix series “Wednesday”. So, what do we know about her and her family members?

Jenna Ortega parents

Edward Ortega (father)

Jenna Ortega family

Date of birth: April 15, 1972

Her father’s name is Edward Anthony Ortega. He is the son of late Tony Ortega and Rosemary Palomares. He grew up with younger siblings, brother Eli and sister Monika, on a ranch. His father settled tiles and owned the food brand “C.V. Raisins”.

Edward has been married to Jenna’s mother Natalie for more than 2 decades already. They met in 1988 and tied the knot on September 21, 1996. They raised 6 children and even have three grandchildren as of 2022.

Jenna’s father is a businessman. He owns a big house in La Quinta, California.

Natalie Lopez Ortega (mother)

Jenna Ortega family

Date of birth: February 28, 1974

Jenna is so close to her parents, but she is a very independent person. In her interview with “Today Show,” the actress told, that her parents have been working a lot to maintain their 6 kids. They sacrificed a lot. And that taught Jenna to be hard-working and grounded.

Her mother, Natalie Lopez Ortega, is of Puerto Rican and Mexican origin. Her maternal grandmother relocated from Mexico to the USA. Natalie’s father was Bob Lopez. He passed away in May 1992. Jenna’s mother still misses her dad as they were very close.

At home, little Natalie spoke both, English and Spanish. She taught her kids Spanish, too. So Jenna is bilingual.

Natalie is very conscious about her Latina roots. While raising her kids, she kept to all the traditions of her ancestry. She broke piñatas at Jenna’s and other kids’ birthdays. She also served tamales for the Christmas table.

Jenna Ortega family

(L-R) Back row: Isaac, Mia, Natalie and Edward; Front row: Mariah with her son, Aaliyah, Jenna and Markus

Jenna’s mother is a registered emergency room nurse. She joins her work with maintaining her 6 kids. She has already become a grandmother of several cute babies.

Mariah Ortega Finn (older sister)

Jenna Ortega family

(L-R) Jenna, Mia and Mariah

Date of birth: 1991

Mariah Noel Finn is the oldest child in the Ortega family. She has already become a wife and a mother. Mariah is married to a man, named Kevin Finn. He is 3 years older. With Kevin, she has 2 sons: Damian and Cash, and a daughter Mya Jade, born on March 13, 2022.

Isaak Ortega (older brother)

Jenna Ortega family

Date of birth: January 1, 1998

Jenna used to tell that being a middle child is quite cool. She maintains equally warm relationships with her older and younger siblings.

Her oldest brother is Isaak Ortega. He studied at Xavier College Preparatory High School and then joined his peers at Grand Canyon University. Later he entered Arizona State University.

In 2013 he started dating his school sweetheart Avery Vuksic. In August 2021 they tied the knot. Jenna was one of the guests at their ceremony.

Mia Ortega (older sister)

Jenna Ortega family

Date of birth: May 15, 2000

Jenna’s second oldest sister is named Mia Ortega. She graduated from high school in 2018. After that, the girl moved from her parent’s house to San Diego, CA. Fans usually compare Mia to Jenna. They consider the Wednesday star to look like Mia’s “mini-me”.

Mia is a student at MiraCosta College. She has a boyfriend and everything seems to be serious between them.

Aaliyah Ortega (younger sister; Markus’s twin)

Jenna Ortega family

Date of birth: July 22, 2004

Jenna’s younger sister Aaliyah graduated from school in May 2022. She is one of the twins. In August 2022 she moved to Palm Springs to attend college there.

Markus Ortega (younger brother; Aaliyah’s twin)

Jenna Ortega family

Date of birth: July 22, 2004

Markus graduated from high school in 2022, just like his twin sister. But unlike Aaliyah, he seems to stay in his parents’ house after graduation. It’s not known, whether he decided to continue his education in college, or wanted to start his career.

He is closely-knitted with his twin sister Aaliyah. They miss one another nowadays when they are apart. And they are always happy to meet during weekends or holiday time. Their meetings get documented by their mother and uploaded to her Instagram.

Jenna Ortega family

Markus is dating his schoolmate Leena. They attended prom together.

Jenna Ortega husband

Jenna is officially single. Previously, she was romantically linked to an actor Asher Angel. You may know him as Billy from the superhero film “Shazam!” the rumors about an affair between them appeared after they had attended Halloween Party, arranged by Just Jared. They dressed like Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, who dated at that time. And that was like a hint of the love between them. Nevertheless, both denied the fact of their dating.

Jenna’s other rumored boyfriend was Jacob Sartorius. One day the couple was photographed kissing together during their stroll in New York. Again, both denied that they were in love. They insisted, they were just friends.

Jenna Ortega children

Jenna dosen’t have kids.

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