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Dr. Jerip Susil is not found on Wikipedia’s official webpage. Learn more about him in the article given below. 

Dr. Jerip Susil is the incumbent of the Mambong State constituency. He is also the president of the Sawarak Athletic Association (SAA). 

Recently his decision to compete in the subsequent state participation has heated the internet. He also mentioned that he has been preparing for a long time for this election. 

To this date, he has already served for PSB, GPS, PBB, and other sectors. In 2019, he had left PSB. In recent times he is seen doing developmental programs for athletes in the state and COVID-19. 

Dr. Jerip Susil Wikipedia

Dr. Jerip Susil is yet to be listed on Wikipedia.

Despite being a politician and government officer, he has maintained a low-key profile. Not much information about his is revealed yet. 

Dr. Jerip is from Mambong State, Malaysia. Currently, he is the Assistant Minister of Transport. 

He is also serving as the president of Sawarak Athletic Association (SAA). Moreover, he has already served in different governmental sectors like PSB, PBB, GSP, etc.

He is doing different programs for athletes and the health sector. Recently, he had done a webinar where more than 100 persons had participated.

Dr. Jerip Susil Age

Dr. Jerip Susil’s age might be in his 60s. This is only an assumed age as he has not revealed any personal information to this date.

However, looking at his outer appearance and career, his age seems to be in the 60s.

Dr. Jerip Susil Wife and Family

Dr. Jerip Susil’s wife and family are not known right now. As we already mentioned, he has maintained a low-key profile regarding his personal life. 

He has limited his family and personal life within himself. The media has failed to cover his personal details yet. 

We believe him to be a happy family man.

Dr. Jerip Suril Net Worth

Dr. Jerip Susil’s estimated net worth is some hundred of thousands of dollars. However, he has not revealed his exact net worth and assets yet. 

Dr. Jerip cannot be found on Twitter or Instagram. 

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