Jessica Melena Eta/ Age And Instagram – Ciro Immobile Wife And Family
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Ciro Immobile Wife Jessica Melena – Do They Have Any Children?

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Ciro Immobile’s wife, Jessica Melena, is an Instagram star. This footballer’s wife is known for her humbleness and simplicity. 

Ciro Immobile is an Italian National Team’s Striker. He is known for his epic talent as a striker and has also won European Golden Shoe for more than 30 goals.

Who Is Jessica Melena? Her Age Eta

Jessica Melena is an Italian-born woman. 

Melena’s eta (age) is 30 years old, born in 17th May 1990. Jessica was born in a village called Bucchianico, Chieti, in Italy.

Jessica stands 5 ft 8 inches tall and weighs around 62 kgs.

She is from a very simple family. Her father was a postman, and her mother was a cook. She is from mixed ethnicity, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

Jessica left her hometown to pursue her higher studies in Criminology. It was her dream to study that.

But she ended up doing beauty pageants. She was Miss Meditarian in the year 2009 and Miss Peugeot in the year 2011. 

It is said that she dropped out of her University. Her major was in the Faculty of Investigation Sciences.

Jessica’s Instagram Profile

Jessica’s Instagram handle has 971k followers. Her Instagram account is verified. 

Jessica is wonderful with a maintained body, has managed to capture a lot of attention. Her social media is filled with pictures of herself in a bikini, traveling, dancing, and having a good time with her beloved husband and kids.

She is also very famous in tik tok. She enjoys dancing and has pledged to be a wonderful mom.

How Did Jessica And Ciro Meet? Children Family

There is no news of how and when they met. The couple dated for years before they married in the year 2014 on 24th May. 

Their wedding ceremony took place in Melena’s village. They invited their family and friend for their union of love. 

Ciro is head over heels in love with Melena. His Jersey no 17 is after Melena’s birthdate. Isn’t that cute?

Jessica and Ciro are blessed with three beautiful kids. Two daughters Michela 2013 and Giorgia 2015 and the youngest son Mattia 2019.

Jessica And Ciro’s Net Worth

Ciro is an Italian National Team footballer. His income and networth are said to be around 3.5 million euros. His income source is from football and other engagements.

Jessica is an Instagram Influencer and Social Media Star. She inspires young mothers to be fit. Because as the saying goes when you look good you feel good.

Jessica’s networth has not been revealed to the media. 

Source: Celebpie

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