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Who is Shane Kilcher?

Have you ever watched “Alaska: The Last Frontier” on the Discovery Channel? If so, then this name is very familiar to you. Shane is an American television star known particularly for his appearance in this show. He was born on 5 May 1971, in Homer, Alaska, which means that this gentleman is 47 years old. He matriculated from Homer High School and Homer Senior High School in Homer of Alaska where he grew up. As a young man, he was a volleyball player and participated in several tournaments, however, this is not his only hidden talent, as he’s a very good singer, a talent inherited from his father, Atz Kilcher and his mother, Lenedra Carroll, who is also a singer. Shane has a good relationship with his mother who divorced his father because he was violent towards her. It can also be said that Shane is a humanitarian, since he has engaged in social work with people who have disabilities, and won the hearts of the viewers with this behavior.

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“Alaska: The Last Frontier”

The series began airing in late 2011, and is a reality show now into its eighth season, which showcases eight members of the Kilcher family, and their lifestyle living in the relatively isolated wilderness of Alaska. The family lives generally using survival techniques in hunting and gathering, and largely without the benefits of modern conveniences both in utilities, and what most families have in a kitchen of a city or town house. Viewers are apparently fascinated by the difference in this reality show, mostly unscripted, and far removed from other reality series’ scenarios prevalent on TV channels in the US. In 2017, it was said that Shane and his wife would stop appearing in the show because of Kelli’s disease, but the real cause of their non-appearance, however, was Shane’s injuries, about which you will find out in the text below.
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Shane’s accident

Shane was injured performing construction works on his home at Christmas 2017. According to what his wife Kelli said to their Facebook fans, Shane fell from the ladder and broke his back, more precisely the “L2 vertebra in a horizontal fracture extending two-thirds the bone,” and was admitted to the Central Peninsula Hospital in Homer. Shane is still recovering which will be long and painful, but should have a happy ending. During his recovery, he will not participate in the recording of his show, which will focus on other members of his family; his wife will inform fans about the healing progress.

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Net Worth

Although everyone is interested in finding out how much this man is worth, it’s not easy to get to that information. It is certain that the main and largest source of his income is the reality TV show that follows him and his family. Authoritative sources estimate that his net worth is just over $50,000, although this may eventually increase as he is reputed to receive $10,000 per episode. This sounds very little, given that he lives in Alaska, and is apparently less than his family members’ net worth, estimated at about $2 million individually.

A big thank you to Noam Ophir! I picked him up hitch hiking (on a journey from Israel) and he came and stayed in our…

Posted by Shane Kilcher on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Shane’s family

Shane’s family has not always lived in Alaska. His ancestors were Swiss citizens until the Second World War, when his grandfather Yule and grandmother Ruth Weber emigrated to Alaska. Before his father Atz and mother Lenedra Carroll split, they had three children together, Shane plus Jewel Kilcher and Atz Lee Kilcher. His father remarried, to Bonnie Dupree, also her second marriage, and they are still married. The only controversy is Atz’s fourth son, Nikos – until recently it was thought that Bonnie was his mother, but this information is incorrect, as his mother is Linda.

Shane is not the only talented child in the family, as his sister Jewel became popular long before the reality show, as a singer and songwriter, and has released several albums and scored several hits. She once stated that she and her family lived very far from the city. In the house they lived, there was no water or heating, so their daily life looked like the Survival show. All things considered, they are one big and successful family.

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Wife and kids

Shane is a proud father of four children. He married his high school sweetheart Kelli in 1992 after they had been dating for three years. Kelly was also born and raised in Alaska. Shane supported his wife in continuing her education after marriage, so she graduated from Maric College. They are the biggest support to each other, and their marriage has apparently functioned well for more than 25 years – together they’ve raised three sons, Jareth, Keenan, and Reed and daughter Jenna. According to social networks, Jenna has a great relationship with her aunt, and they regularly visit each other. Keenan Tarik Kilcher has found his soul mate, and on 4 October 2013, he married his girlfriend Jennica Jo Hampton.

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