Kate Johansson: Meet the Scarlett Johansson Lookalike Tiktok Age, Instagram
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Kate Johansson is getting viral on TikTok despite her young age. Find out if she is on Onlyfans. Get to know more about the Scarlett Johansson lookalike. 

Kate is famous and well known for looking like the famous “Black Widow” Scarlett Johansson.

Kate Johansson TikTok

Kate Johansson has over 2.7M followers of TikTok.

The Russian Tiktoker has gone viral for her resemblance to actress Scarlett Johansson.

Moreover, Kate does exactly what the actress has been doing with her looks, hair and she never disappoints any of the real actress outlooks.

There have been other more comparisons and lookalike presented on the web related to Scarlett, but Kate Johansson wins over all of them.

Fans on the web have recently unearthed a striking resemblance to a certain high-profile actress and typical fashion. Through this, the internet has gone wild.

In TikTok, Kate pulls several poses that mimick Scarlett in various Marvel films, and the likeness between the two is uncanny, especially with Kate’s hair styled to look just like Scarlett’s.


♬ Hi watermelon sugar – Alisa ??

Kate Johansson Age

Kate Johansson has not mentioned her age details.

But, looking at her physical appearance, she falls in the age range of 19-25 years old.

She holds a Russian nationality.

Meet Her on Instagram 

Kate is active on Instagram.

She has also mentioned her real name Екатерина Шумская and with translation which means Ekaterina Shumskaya.

Moreover, she also added on her bio saying, “Scarlett Johansson’s illegitimate daughter.”

Ekaterina is very famous on her social media accounts, and through Instagram, she has able to achieve a high number of 107k followers.

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