Nobhekisisa Zuma – Who Is Jacob Zuma Father? Net Worth And Family

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Nobhekisisa Zuma is the father of the former president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. So, who is Jacob Zuma’s Father? 

Here is everything to know about Jacob’s father’s net worth and family.

Nobhekisisa Zuma was a South African police officer. Jacob Zuma is one of his four children.

Learn about Nobhekisisa Zuma – Who Is Jacob Zuma Father?

Nobhekisisa Zuma, Jacob Zuma’s father was a policeman from South Africa. 

There are no details regarding Jacob’s father.

Nobhekisisa should have resided at Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa. 

Sadly, Nobhekisisa died when Jacob was only five years old.

Nobhekisisa Zuma Net Worth And Family

Nobhekisisa Zuma’s net worth is not revealed.

It’s mainly because he had already died more than 70 years ago. Also, Jacob’s parents or family did not seem to be wealthy.

Nobhekisisa’s wife, Nobhekisisa Bessie was a domestic worker. And after the demise of her husband, she constantly moved around Natal Province and the suburbs of Durban along with her child. Jacob did not receive formal schooling.

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