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Pat Robertson was hitched to Dede Robertson for over 60 years till Dede died in 2022
On Thursday, Pat died at 93 years old
The couple is currently made due by two children, two girls, 14 grandkids, and 23 incredible grandkids

Prestigious TV preacher Pat Robertson was hitched to Dede Robertson for over 60 years till Dede died in 2022. On Thursday, Pat died at 93 years old. The dependable couple is presently made due by two children Gordon and Timothy, two girls, Elizabeth Robinson and Ann LeBlanc, 14 grandkids; and 23 extraordinary grandkids.

Who are Pat Robertson’s kids?

Pat Robertson wedded Dede Robertson on August 27, 1954, in Elkton, Maryland. Dede was expecting their most memorable youngster Timothy at that point, who was conveyed ten weeks after the fact. Three additional kids were born not long after Tim: Elizabeth Confidence in 1956, Gordon Perry in 1958, and Ann Willis in 1963.

Today, Pat Robertson’s kids follow the lessons of the Good book and supporter for the adequacy of supplication, very much like their dad.

In the last part of the 1980s, Tim Robertson, the most established of the kin, took over CBN when his dad chose to run for president. Tim was at the time tossed into the public eye because of debate encompassing the day of his parent’s wedding and his introduction to the world, proposing that he was born without both mom and dad present. He currently has five youngsters and ten grandkids with creator and inspirational orator, Lisa N. Robertson.

Gordon Robertson is the ongoing Chief of CBN and should be visible on “The 700 Club” occasionally. Moreover, he drives CBN’s magnanimous association, Activity Gift. Gordon lives in Virginia with his significant other Katharyn Robertson and their three developed kids.

Elizabeth and Ann Robertson like to keep their own undertakings out of the public eye to give their thoughtfulness regarding raising their singular families, thus little is had some significant awareness of them. On her dad’s show, Elizabeth showed up with her brother Tim to discuss what experiencing childhood in a Christian home during the beginning of CBN was like.

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