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This article revolves around Peter Faulding Wikipedia and details regarding his statement on Nicola Bulley’s case.

Peter was included in the hunt for Nicola mainly because of his experience with sonal technology. 

When he went to the US in 1998 to research the use of side scan sonar and ground penetrating radar to help identify missing persons and remains, it was his first encounter with the technology. 

Since then, he has led the way in developing the technology’s application to find human remains underwater and in isolated areas.

The father of six-year-old Lucas Dobson, who drowned in the River Stour in 2019, collaborated with him to launch a water safety campaign. 

He is a published author who frequently appears on TV, radio, and podcasts to discuss missing person situations. 

In addition to being a specialist in forensics, he also possesses certifications as a commercial diver, fixed-wing and helicopter pilot, and FAA pilot in both the US and the UK. 

Peter Faulding Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

Regarding Peter Faulding Wikipedia, his biography is available on a number of other websites, but he has not yet been mentioned on that platform.

At five years old, Peter began his work with his father, John, investigating abandoned mines and caves. 

By the 1990s, Peter used his early life experience in confined spaces to train the London Fire Brigade’s specialist rescue teams and the United Kingdom’s Search & Rescue Teams in collapsed structure shoring and specialized rescue techniques. 

Peter had developed a high level of expertise in tunneling and shoring techniques. 

His professional career began in 1996 when the government assigned him to look for and safely extract environmental activists from man-made tunnels beneath the projected Newbury Bypass route. 

Since then, Peter and the 1995-founded Specialist Group International have successfully completed a number of significant protester removal operations on land and at sea.

In addition to training military personnel, Specialist Group International (SGI) has collaborated with the FBI, US Secret Service, and UK police search advisers. 

Peter spent six years in the British Army’s Parachute Regiment. Nicola’s disappearance is not the only high-profile case that Peter and his crew have taken on. 

Peter Faulding Statement Regarding Nicola Bulley

With two weeks remaining in the hunt for missing mother Nicola Bulley, one man—rescue and forensic search specialist Peter Faulding—finds himself at the center of the operation. 

After being brought in by Nicola’s family to collaborate with Lancashire Police on the inquiry, the expert joined the search during its second week.

On Friday, January 27, Nicola walked with her dog, Willow, in the Lancashire village of St Michael’s on Wyre. 

No signs of Nicola have been discovered despite numerous underwater searches in the river near the bench where her phone was discovered.

The diving specialist claimed his team “categorically” does not think Nicola is in the area of the river where cops suspect she fell in. 

He was not being paid for his search for the 45-year-old. Peter’s specialized team withdrew from the hunt on Wednesday night, stating they had exhausted all possible options. 

The expert reacted forcefully to some on the internet who accused him of having hidden agendas for assisting in the search for missing Nicola after he withdrew from the case. 

The expert diver, who did not get payment for his services, stated that some of the “trash” that has been leveled on his crew is unjustified.

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