Soren Zwolsman Swimmer – His Mother Monica Zwolsman, Age And Wikipedia
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Who Is Swimmer Soren Zwolsman? His Parents And Allegations

Pictures of Soren Zwolsman the Australian swimmer went viral due to his swimsuit. His mother is trying to clarify what exactly happened.

Soren is an Australian Swimmer. His pictures in a women’s swimsuit from three years ago recently surfaced online. 

After multiple Australian swimmers opened up about the toxic culture and bullying in the sport, people assumed Zwolsman got bullied into wearing women’s swimsuits. The pictures of Soren in a women’s swimsuit were called evidence of the toxic culture. 

Soren Zwolsman Age And Wikipedia

Soren Zwolsman age is 16 years old.

Soren is not on Wikipedia. 

One can read about Zwolsman and his bio on a couple of Wiki-bio pages.

Zwolsman grew up in a single-parent household and never cared about the stigmas around gender and cross-dressing. Soren has worn dresses and girl’s clothes to school.

He does not care about the clothes as he will wear something if he likes it.

Zwolsman’s height might be around 6 feet.

Meet His Mother Monika Zwolsman

Soren Zwolsman mother, Monika Zwolsman is called a tiger mom.

Soren’s mother, Monika Zwolsmon, said that the pictures were grossly misrepresented. Monika revealed that Soren was not bullying, and the claims are insulting, reports Daily Mail

Monika became a part of the swimming community when her eldest son, Yannick, joined the sport. Yannick Zwolsman is an elite competitor who is preparing at Adelaide for the upcoming Olympic trials.

She is a single mother to her two children.

Soren Zwolsman Swimsuit Controversy Explored

Soren Zwolsman’s pictures from 3 years ago where he is wearing a girl’s swimsuit surfaced on the internet. 

People assumed that he was forced to wear the girl’s swimsuit as a punishment. Soren had worn the one-piece swimsuit as he forgot to bring his togs. 

According to South China Morning Post, Monika Zwolsman was present during the Southport Pool, Gold Coast, when Soren wore bathers. 

Source: Celebpie

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