Sports Are in Their Veins: the Story of Patrick Mahomes Family
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Sports Are in Their Veins: the Story of Patrick Mahomes Family

To be a professional player is a hard job, but a sound mind in a sound body. Patrick Mahomes, a famous quarterback and a sportsman, knows for sure that it is not as simple as ABC to keep fit and build a career in the sphere of the American football.

Date of Birth: September 17, 1995

Zodiac sign: Virgo

However, his relatives help him greatly and encourage to compete and win. For a reason, their pieces of advice are truly professional. Want to know why? Stay tuned to find out how sports can unite different people!

Patrick Mahomes parents

Patrick Mahomes Sr (father)

Patrick Mahomes family - father Patrick Mahomes Sr

Date of Birth: August 9, 1970

Zodiac sign: Leo

Without a doubt, Patrick has received his passion to sports from his father who has been a MLB pitcher for a long time. In high school, the football star father was known for playing basketball, football and baseball. It is interesting to know that Pat declined all received scholarship offers to continue going in for sports in college. However, that decision didn’t prevent him from “running” into the world of professional sports.

1988 can be considered the year when his career began. Pat played as a pitcher for the Elizabethon Twins. Over years, he had managed to become a respectful player. Mr. Mahomes was a member of Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets and some other teams. Most recently, this forever sportsman participated in the game of the American Association in 2009. There he presented the interests of the Grand Prairie Air Hogs.

Even though Patrick is a kind of men who is likely to be accustomed to public attention, he doesn’t like to share personal information. Mr. Mahomes adores spending leisure time with family and enjoys his retirement to the full extent.

As far as the sources mention, the quarterback’s father is single. The star’s parents broke up when he was just eleven years old. But the couple remained good friends.

Randi Mahomes (nee Martin) (mother)

Patrick Mahomes family - mother Randi Mahomes

Date of Birth: January 18

Very limited information is available about the football star mother. Ms. Martin prefers keeping her personal life away from the public. However, sometimes she makes great posts on social media.

Randi was a wife of a former baseball pitcher. According to sources, the couple divorced in 2006, but the American football star parents managed to remain good friends even after breaking up.

Randi shares cute or precious memories with her followers on Instagram. Her deep love for the family and pride of each member is absolutely obvious and truly sincere. Ms. Martin noted the fact that her son was still so close to parents and siblings couldn’t but please her. For Randi, Patrick is going to stay her little boy forever.

Patrick Mahomes siblings

Jackson Mahomes (younger brother born to same parents)

Patrick Mahomes siblings - brother Jackson Mahomes

Date of Birth: May 15, 2000

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Like his brother, Jackson is also interested in sports. During his studies at Whitehouse High School, Mahomes junior played basketball a lot. Nowadays though, he has become a regular fan. Jackson often visits Chiefs games. It is so precious to know they have a really great relationship — the brother cheers up the sports star all his way to the Super Bowl.

Mia Randall (maternal half-sister)

Patrick Mahomes siblings - half-sister Mia Randall

This little girl is in the track of her older brother, so she is also crazy about sports. However, she has chosen another kind of sport to start her career — basketball. Mia participates in several youth games and is a promising team player. Time will tell whether the girl will decide to connect her destiny with professional sports.

Zoe Mahomes (paternal half-sister)

Patrick Mahomes siblings - half-sister Zoe Mahomes

She is still a little girl who loves basketball.

Avery Mahomes (paternal half-sister)

Patrick Mahomes siblings - half-sister Avery Mahomes

Avery is another half-sister from father side.

Patrick Mahomes girlfriend

Brittany Matthews (fiancee)

Patrick Mahomes girlfriend Brittany Matthews

Duration of relations: 2012 till present (engaged in September 2020)

Date of Birth: August 31, 1995

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Even though Patrick hasn’t tried himself in the role of husband so far, he has been dating a lovely girl since high school. So we can say their relationship have stood the test of time and fame.

Brittany is also crazy about sports. During her studies, she was making headlines as a professional soccer player. The girl was even spent to play professionally for one Icelandic team, so she spent some time in that country.

When Brittany graduated from high school, she realized soccer wasn’t something she would like to connect her future activities with. However, the soccer girl didn’t give up and continued training.

Nowadays, she runs her own business and is occupied with her personal training lessons and practices. Besides, she trains online and is passionate about her job. If you want to see how great Brittany is in the role of coach, just check out Brittany Lynne Fitness services. We assure that you will be surprised with the high level of professionalism and a pleasant atmosphere.

Patrick Mahomes girlfriend Brittany Matthews

To note, the couple settled down in Kansas City where they purchased a beautiful house recently. They are planning to grow long-term roots there.

Patrick Mahomes children

Sterling Skye Mahomes (daughter with Brittany Matthews)

Date of Birth: February 20, 2021

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Patrick and Brittany announced in Instagram that they became parents to a baby girl whom they named Sterling Skye. Congrats!

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