MJ Rodriguez Becomes First Transgender Emmy Nominee, See Her Before Transition Pictures

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MJ Rodriguez underwent her surgery but have you seen her before pictures? Take a look at her life before the transition.

The actress began with hormone replacement therapy in 2016.

MJ Rodriguez, originally Michela Antonia Jae Rodriguez is an American actress and singer who has been active in these industries since 2011.

MJ Rodriguez Transition: Her Before Surgery Pictures

Rodriguez officially admitted that she is bisexual or gay when she was just 14 years old.

The American singer started a new chapter as a female actress after having hormone replacement surgery.

Her transition phase started when she was honored with the 2011 Clive Barnes Award that was established in honor of the late English writer and critic named Clive Barnes.

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We can find some of MJ’s before transition pictures on google and there is also a video on YouTube where we can see the famous trans-actress before surgery.

Meet The Actress Boyfriend: Who Is Her Partner?

Trans-actress MJ Rodriguez revealed her boyfriend on her Instagram.

Her partner’s name is Stephen but his surname remains unknown yet.

Looking at MJ’s Instagram profile, we can know that the couple is having a very strongly bonded relationship and there is no sign of these two separated from each other.

However, Rodriguez has not mentioned whether she is married to her boyfriend or not.

Actress MJ Rodriguez has recently become the first trans woman up for Major Acting Emmy Awards.

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She has come up as the first transgender in the Primetime Emmy Awards for her outstanding role as the lead actress in a Drama Series.

Who Are MJ Rodriguez Parents: Her Ethnic Background

 MJ’s parents’ names have not been mentioned publicly by her for now.

However, it is known that her parents were the first ones to know that MJ is gay after MJ herself.

The American actress has also said that she got support from her house when she got involved in the ballroom scene and she has added that her father taught her to vogue.

Talking about her ethnic background, her mother is African American and her father is half Puerto Rican, half African American.

Source: Celebpie