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Delve inside to learn mroe about Umut Evirgen Wikipedia and also learn more about his age and other professional and personal stuff. 

Umut Evirgen, the accomplished Turkish actor, has etched his mark in the realm of cinema with notable performances in films such as “Fine Dying” (2019), “Meeting Point” (2021), and “I Am the Sea” (2020).

Born in Istanbul in 1990, Evirgen embarked on a unique academic journey, studying business at Berkeley College before pursuing a Master’s degree in film and television at Istanbul Bilgi University.

This dual educational background has undoubtedly contributed to the depth and versatility evident in his on-screen portrayals.

With a compelling blend of academic prowess and artistic finesse, Umut Evirgen continues to captivate audiences with his cinematic prowess.

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Umut Evirgen Wikipedia And Bio 

Umut Evirgen stands as a multifaceted force in the realm of Turkish cinema, embodying the roles of actor, director, and the visionary mind behind Set Sanat Production Company.

Born in Istanbul in 1990, his journey into the cinematic world began after studying business at Berkeley College, followed by a Master’s degree in film and television at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Evirgen’s foray into filmmaking commenced with his inaugural short film, “Fine Dying,” earning acclaim with selection for the 33rd Edmonton Film Festival.

His directorial debut, “I am the Sea,” a feature film that he wrote and directed, garnered invitations to prestigious festivals such as Rhode Island and Edmonton.

Premiering at the 37th Warsaw International Film Festival in 2021, his second feature film, “Meeting Point,” further solidified his position as a noteworthy filmmaker.

Beyond his directorial endeavors, Umut Evirgen has left his imprint on the industry with the film “Mommy’s Lambie.”

As the founder of Set Sanat Production Company, Evirgen continues to shape the landscape of Turkish cinema, blending his academic background in business with his creative prowess to contribute compelling narratives to the global cinematic tapestry.

Umut Evirgen Age: How Old Is He?

Umut Evirgen, the accomplished Turkish actor and filmmaker, entered the world on February 26, 1990.

As of 2023, he stands at the age of 33, marking a journey through three transformative decades.

Born in Istanbul, his life’s timeline intersects with significant milestones in the cinematic landscape, reflecting the evolution of both his career and the broader industry.

Throughout his years, Umut Evirgen has not only witnessed the changing tides of cinema but has actively contributed to them.

His date of birth, February 26, serves as a pivotal point in understanding the temporal context within which his cinematic endeavors have unfolded.

As he navigates the realms of acting, directing, and founding Set Sanat Production Company, the years have sculpted him into a seasoned and versatile artist.

Whether on-screen or behind the camera, Evirgen’s age acts as a testament to the depth of experience and wisdom he brings to his craft, enriching the narratives he chooses to explore.

As we contemplate his age, it becomes a lens through which we can appreciate the layers of his artistic evolution and the stories yet to be told in the chapters of his career.

Umut Evirgen Family Details 

Umut Evirgen, the Turkish actor and filmmaker, has maintained a certain level of privacy when it comes to his family life, and comprehensive information about his family is not readily available in public search results.

However, a notable detail has surfaced from a source, suggesting that as of December 2, 2023, Umut Evirgen is married to Alina Boz.

While the details of his family background remain elusive, the revelation of his marriage to Alina Boz adds a personal dimension to his public persona.

Alina Boz, herself a recognized figure in the Turkish entertainment industry, brings a shared connection in the realm of showbiz.

The union of these two talents likely adds an intriguing layer to their respective journeys within the entertainment landscape.

As Umut Evirgen continues to captivate audiences with his on-screen performances and directorial ventures, his personal life, including his marriage to Alina Boz, adds a touch of humanity and relatability to the narrative of this versatile artist.

Despite the limited information available, this insight into his personal life provides a glimpse into the man behind the roles and the relationships that shape his journey.

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