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TLC’s hit show Welcome to Plathville has seen no shortage of drama in its recent seasons. While the Plath family appeared to have it all together at one point, they have been plagued with a lot of family tension that has continued into the show’s fifth season. Specifically, the drama surrounding Olivia’s relationship with other members of the family.

With season 5 in full swing, fans are seeing the rising tensions between Ethan’s siblings and Olivia. But it looks like a number of fans are taking Olivia side’s over the rest of the Plaths, while Ethan remains caught in the middle.

Fans are taking Olivia Plath’s side amid the drama with the Plath family

Olivia has been at odds with Kim and Barry Plath for several years; she also doesn’t have a strong relationship with her own parents. For a while, she was incredibly close with Ethan’s brother and sister, Micah and Moriah, but after accusing Kim of stealing from Ethan, Micah and Moriah turned against her. When Olivia and Ethan returned home from Europe, they found that Moriah had moved out, and Ethan was suddenly caught in the middle of the chaos.

Still, despite Micah and Moriah explaining themselves on the show, plenty of fans are siding with Olivia. When Olivia shared photos of her and her sister to Instagram, fans commented to show their support of Olivia in the new season.

“I think it’s gross how you’re being treated, bc if it wasn’t for you, nobody would have sh*t,” one user wrote of Olivia’s treatment on the show.

“They should be thanking you for helping them see the way,” another person wrote.

“I think it’s trouble how you are being treated,” someone else added. “Just because you don’t want to forgive their mother doesn’t mean they all have to turn on you.

Not everyone is rooting for Olivia Plath, though

Despite the many positive comments on Olivia’s photos, there were still a number of people who don’t approve of Olivia’s actions. When referring to Olivia choosing to stay in the car while the family visited Joshua’s grave, one person wrote, “Olivia is taking this issue she has with Kim too far.” Olivia has since said in the new season that she does regret not supporting her husband and not standing by Joshua’s grave.

The new season of Welcome to Plathville is shaping up to be even more dramatic than the last. While in between seasons, Olivia and Ethan sparked divorce rumors after they hadn’t posted each other on their Instagram accounts in months. Olivia released a statement saying they were still married, and that does appear to be the case in the new season. Meanwhile, Kim and Barry are still going through their divorce, and Moriah and Micah are each still finding their own way, with Moriah still living in Tampa and Micah having moved out to California. Fans are still hooked on the show, though, and are intrigued to see where things stand with the family members by the end of the season.

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