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Perhaps many millennials don’t remember, but Peta Wilson as sexy and fatal Nikita, enchanted the audience in front of TV screens in the mid-nineties. This attractive Australian lady was the first crush of many boys, but she’s not quite so active in the movie industry recently, so many would say she was just another one-hit acting wonder.

Peta Wilson’s Early Life

The early life of Peta Wilson is impressive, as this blonde actress often traveled and lived in various places, since her father, Darcy Wilson, worked for the Australian Army as a former policeman. Her mom, Karlene, was also an Army employee as a caterer, and then worked in the hospitality industry. Peta has a brother named Rob who is five years younger than her.

Peta was born as Gia Wilson, 48 years ago in Sydney, Australia, on 18 November 1970. She spent some of her childhood in this city, but due to her father’s work, she frequently changed places of residence and schools. It’s known she attended an all-girls Catholic school in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Childhood in Papua New Guinea

Due to her father’s profession, she also spent part of her youth in Papua New Guinea, living there for eight years. However, Peta doesn’t remember this part of life for the good things – many times, they didn’t have power or running water, and she was sick with malaria for almost nine months. After this depressing period, Peta devoted herself to sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Given that it was not easy for a girl to frequently change schools, environment, and friends Peta started to train in judo and, according to her was a real little tomboy. Her parents divorced in 1982, which was stressful for her and her brother, and since she didn’t want to choose between her mom and dad, Peta moved to her grandparents, who were her greatest support.

Peta Wilson

Is Peta Married?

Peta has a rather exciting love life – since she became a part of the Hollywood jet set, she has been associated with several famous men. In the early nineties while Peta was trying to succeed in show business, many magazines wrote about her affair with Mick Jagger. She appeared in his music video, and they became quite close. Peta didn’t confirm or deny this information, saying they’re still good friends.

In 1997, Peta Wilson got serious with Damian Harris, but after five years of a relationship, she and the 12 years older film director broke up. During their relationship, there were rumors that Peta had an affair with Russell Crow, in the period when he was involved with Meg Ryan.

Also, many claimed that the Russian president Vladimir Putin cast an eye on the Australian while she was his guest at the International Film Festival in Moscow in 2001, and gave her a very expensive necklace as a gift. Apparently, “La Femme Nikita” is one of his favorite TV shows.

Peta never cared about any of these rumors, as she was dedicated to her career. In 2004, her compatriot and colleague Dan Wyllie stole her heart, but they broke up in 2007, and Peta then found comfort with another actor, Aaron Jeffrey; they met while filming a movie in Australia, and were both on and off-screen partners, but they broke up after only a few months. Peta hasn’t married, and more recent dating history isn’t known.

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How Many Kids Does Peta Wilson Have?

In 2002, Peta gave birth to a boy named Marlowe; he’s her only child, from her relationship with Damian Harris. Marlowe often follows his mom to movie premieres and other events. She doesn’t deny that she is very attached to her son; because of his birth, she took a nearly two-year hiatus in her career.

Peta Wilson’s Career and Net Worth

Peta Wilson has always loved fashion and dreamed of being a model. In 1991, she decided to move to the US to work on her modeling career. However, in the same year she enrolled at the Actors Circle Theater in Los Angeles, with the famous acting mentor Arthur Mendoza.

At the beginning of her career, Peta Wilson didn’t get big roles, but mostly short or single guest appearances in independent movies like “Loser,” “Naked Jane,” and “One of Our Own.” Nevertheless, she didn’t give up on her dream, and continued her studies in New York.

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Nikita as Peta’s Trademark

She auditioned for “La Femme Nikita,” and was selected for the lead role from 200 actresses. Because of her attractive looks, deep voice and knowledge of the martial arts, the director decided that Peta was the best choice for Nikita, the heroine of the TV series based on the French movie of the same name. The series was broadcast from January 1997 to March 2001, and gained millions of fans all over the world. Peta had two Gemini Award nominations for Best Performance by An Actress in a Leading Dramatic Role and one Saturn Award nomination for Best Genre TV Actress.

Career after Playing Nikita

After the end of “La Femme Nikita,” Peta didn’t appear on the big screens until 2003. Then she shot “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” in which she starred as the only female character, the beautiful vampire Wilhelmina ‘Mina’ Harker. The movie was a box office success, although critics didn’t quite like it. For this role, Peta did a significant makeover; known as the fatal blonde, she appeared in the movie as a brunette, surprising her fans. The audience recognized her power of transformation, and for this Peta Wilson was nominated for a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress.

For the next couple of years, Peta didn’t have any significant roles, but appeared in several Australian projects, until in 2007 she played in the blockbuster, “Superman Returns.” The following year, she was a member of the cast in “Gardens of the Night,” written and directed by her ex-lover, Damian Harris.

Peta has also made a few guest appearances in successful TV series, such as “CSI: Miami” in 2010 and “The Finder” in 2012. Since then, she’s become more dedicated to design and fashion. Her latest appearance on TV screens happened in 2017, in the documentary “Michael Hutchence: The Last Rockstar,” where she played herself.

Peta Wilson’s Designer Career

In May 2012, this 5ft 9ins tall ex-model accomplished another dream – she created a brand of lingerie named Wilye Wilson; the flagship store is located in Venice, Los Angeles. Every piece of the underwear is unique and made of quality materials, such as lace from France or velvet from Switzerland. Judging by the customers’ impressions, the service you get at Wilye Wilson stores is at a very high level.

It seems Peta is going big with her label. Nowadays, the Australian is dedicated to designing, and we probably won’t see anything of her on TV screens, unless she gets a really good offer. Her current net worth is estimated by sources at around $10 million. Most of her profits come from acting, but given that her brand is becoming more and more successful in attracting customers, there is no doubt that it will bring her significant earnings.

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