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Where is Mike Wolf Now?

After gathering a lot of experience over the years in picking and buying antiques, Mike Wolf is still determined on his professional field. He has done it for over two decades and there is no way he is stopping soon. Having made a deal with the History Channel a few years ago, Mike is still hosting his reality show, ‘American Pickers’ which has earned him fame. He also promotes and markets his products through his website.

Who is Mike Wolf?

Born on 11th June 1964, in Joliet, Illinois, Mike Wolfe is an American professional picker. He is mostly known for creating and co-hosting one of the greatest reality TV shows on the History channel, ‘American Pickers’. Although he is not into it so much, Mike is also an author – his two books, ‘American Pickers’ Guide to Picking’ and ‘Kid Pickers: How to turn Junk Into Treasure’, were published by Macmillan. He has also released an album entitled ‘Music to Pick By’ after being an old school country music lover for a long time.

Early life, siblings and Education

You can possibly imagine the life status that pushed him to collect old junk. Well, it wasn’t easy for Mike and his two siblings, Beth and Robbie Wolfe, to survive hard economic times. His parents separated when he was still an infant, and therefore their mother raised them all by herself. Being the second born, he did not enjoy his childhood as he enjoyed collecting. Mike Wolfe attended Bettendorf High School, and matriculated in 1982 after his family had moved to Iowa.

Mike Wolfe Marriage, Family, wife cancer, death.

Many people ask who Mike Wolfe’s wife and daughter are. Here is all you need to know about his love life. In a themed wedding that took place on 8 September 2012, he married Jodie Faeth.

Is Mike Wolfe wife dead?

No. Jodie Faeth is not dead: she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she recovered, and today, she advocates for the fight against the deadly desease. Their marriage is still standing tall, and the couple is apparently happily living in a dream house that Mike purchased at an auction. Perhaps this was worth waiting for during their ten years of dating. Mike is the stepfather of two children that Jodie had from her first marriage, his daughter is called Charlie while the son is named Kyle.

So thankful for my family and friends – and all of you. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.MW, antiquearchaeology.com

Posted by Mike Wolfe American Picker on Thursday, November 24, 2016

Mike Wolfe’s Salary and Net Worth

The most inspiring and interesting part of his life is how he made his fortune. You wouldn’t expect a picker to hit a million dollars mark, right? Mike’s case is different – his financial breakthrough came when he got to host the television series on his picking life. As of late 2018 Mike Wolfe has a net worth estimated by authoritative sources at more than $5 million, accumulated from the primary job, and from his TV contract with the History Channel, said to pay him an average salary of half a million dollars every season, and from product endorsements. That is really impressive for a person who created wealth from what we may call ‘waste’. What do you think? His wealth is expected to increase as more people keep visiting his antique archeology, and his show continues to attract more viewers. He currently lives in his dream house as earlier mentioned and is also known to own other valuable assets, such as early 50’s Ford FI, VW Bus, BSA Salt Flat Racer, 63 split- window Bug, 1912 Indian, VW Panel and 1914 knucklehead.

Professional Life and Career

At the age of six, Mike had already realized he had a passion for picking, and became a professional picker during his teenage years. He would collect antiques and sell the items to buyers, and then started filming his daily life, and got the idea of showing it via television. He offered his production to several channels, but was rejected until taken-up by the History Channel, and so he became known as a professional trash collector when he his ‘American Pickers’ show started. This show became among the best rated debut TV shows with more than five million viewers. He is the creator, producer and co-host alongside Robbie Wolfe, Danielle Colby, Frank Fritz, and Danny Koker. He also launched ‘Kid Pickers’ show for children, to entertain and inspire many people to become pickers. He also runs an online forum to help kids interact with the environment, and learn the history of people who made the items that they collect.

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Mike has won several awards in his life, including Best Director Award, Best Ensemble Performance held at Orlando Film Festival,  and Best Actor in a Feature Film which was held at Golden Door Film Festival etc.

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How to contact Mike Wolfe

Mike Wolfe is active on many social media platforms – he has over a million Facebook page ‘likes’ and over 300,000 followers on Twitter. You can also reach him through his website’s help desk, or message him on his Instagram account.

Charity and Initiatives

Mike was brought up understanding suffering, and therefore this makes him a humble and kind celebrity. He supports, and asks others to help in animals shelters and child care programs. He is on the front line helping ‘St. Jude Children’s Hospital’, ‘The ASCPA’ and ‘Operation Smile’ to raise their finances. That is a great dedication. Isn’t it?

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