Who Are Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero? Meet Daniel Halseth Murderer On Instagram and Facebook

Who Are Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero? They are Daniel Halseth murderer. Meet them on Facebook and Instagram.

Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero are charged with the murder case lately. The duo has been alleged of killing 45 years old Daniel Halseth using sharp forces on April 9.

The recent video of Sierra and Aaron has ignited the case to the height as they discuss ‘Day 3 after killing someone’ online.

Who Are Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero?

Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero are a romantic couple.

The teenagers are accused of killing Daniel Halseth, Sierra’s father.

The duo came live online discussing and joking about killing someone. Authorities have obtained the video, where the couples are seen laughing and saying, ‘Welcome to back our YouTube channel. After Day 3…after murdering somebody. Whoa…’

[embedded content]

The Nevada Court released the footage after the prosecutors submitted it as a part of the evidence.

Sierra and Aaron are charged with murder and other charges in connection with the death of Daniel Halseth.

Daniel was found stabbed on April 9, and his Las Vegas home was set on fire.

Reports claim that they fled in Daniel’s car, bought a train ticket, and later picked up Salt Lake City Transit Authority.

Besides murder, the lovebirds were charged with conspiracy, arson, robbery, and fraudulent use of a credit card.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has cited that Sierra and Aaron dated for seven months. But they were not allowed to see each other as their parents found that they were planning on running to Los Angeles home.

Meet Daniel Halseth Murderer On Instagram and Facebook

Daniel Halseth’s murderers Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero are all over social media.

There are no records of Sierra and Aaron’s Instagram and Facebook accounts on the media.

But they do have a YouTube channel, where they streamed the video submitted by the prosecutors.

In the meantime, the victim, Daniel Halseth, was active on Facebook, where he defined himself as a fitness enthusiast. Daniel had more than 2.8k followers on his profile.

The Facebook picture of Daniel with Sierra has been a hot topic lately, following his murder.

Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero Age

Sierra Halseth age is currently 16 years old.

Similarly, Aaron Guerrero age is 18 years old.

The duo was born in 2003 (Aaron) and 2005 (Sierra), respectively.

The murderer duo is yet to get featured on Wikipedia.

Sierra is the daughter of the victim Daniel and his wife, Elizabeth Halseth. Elizabeth is a former Nevada state senator.

She grew up with her 17 years old brother and 18 years old sister in her family while her parents were already divorced.

Source: Celebpie

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