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Who is Sarah Clarke?

Sarah Clarke is an American actress born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius on 16 February 1972, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, so her nationality is American, her ethnicity white and she is a Christian by religion. Her nickname is Creathon which is a pretty odd nickname, but she does not want to tell the public where it came from or who gave it to her.

Early life and beginnings

She has spent her whole life in St. Louis – growing-up with her sister and brother – apart from the trips she sometimes takes so she can work on a show or a movie. She has been a huge fan of art since she was really young, so it was pretty clear to her family what she would be doing in the future. Her mother was Carolyn Clarke, a homemaker, and her father was Ernest Clarke, an engineer. They both had good salaries so Sarah had a pretty good childhood. As a teen she went to the John Burroughs School, in St. Louis. When she finished high school with flying colors, she was accepted into Indiana University, where she studied Fine Arts and Italian. When she was in her last year at college, she got a chance to study at Bologna, Italy, which she took, and where she first started to get really interested in acting. After her trip and getting some acting experience, she moved to New York for a short time, so she could keep studying acting, and making money from it as well.


Her professional acting career started in the late 1990s; her first big job was a commercial for Volkswagen, which received many awards, and that is when people recognized her talent in acting. From that moment her career took-off, and since then she has acted in many movies, such as “Pas de Deux”, for which she won the Outstanding Performance Award at the Brooklyn Movie Festival. She had minor roles in the movies “The Accident” and “All about George”. In 2001, she auditioned for the role of a CTU agent Nina Myers on the show “24”, and subsequently went on to feature in 36 episodes in three seasons of the show for which she won a Golden Satellite Award. Her most famous and successful role was in the movie “Twilight”, playing the character Renee Dwyer who was Bella Swan’s mother.

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Net Worth

Sources estimate that Sarah Clark’s net worth is over $2 million, to which her role in “Twilight” was a major contributor. She has also invested in a variety of businesses which no doubt contribute to her bank account.. The actress is still active so that number will likely get higher. She also has a shop called Slappy Stuff that makes and sells beaded jewelry, platters, purses and more, and is popular in the US, as prices range from expensive to cheap, so it is suitable for everyone.

Family and love life

Her personal life is almost as perfect as her acting is. She was dating her current husband Xavier Berkeley for almost three years until the two decided to marry in 2002. She met her husband while she was acting in the TV show “24”. They have a daughter called Olwyn Harper Berkeley who was born in 2006, and a son named Rowan Berkley born in 2010. She likes to spend time with her family, as much as her job allows her. She has a pet cat.

Sarah Clarke


Sarah is about 5ft 4ins (1.62m) tall and weighs about 121lbs (55 kgs). She has short brown hair and stunning white teeth, but appears quite pale. She has a unique style, but still very casual, although a big fan of dresses. She also likes to wear various kinds of jewelry from wrist bands to necklaces.

Social media

Sarah has an Instagram account which has over 36,000 followers, and a Twitter profile but with just 150. She posts a lot on Instagram, from various food-related things, to the trips she takes each year, plus a lot of pictures of herself, her family and friends. Sarah is a big food fan, she loves to eat and likes to visit a variety of restaurants from and throughout the world.

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