Who Is Chloe Kirby? Luke List Wife Age, Son And Family
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Who Is Luke List Wife Chloe Kirby? What Happened To Their Newborn Son?

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Luke List and wife Chloe Kirby have been married for over five years. They even welcomed a son in June 2021.

Luke is competing in John Deere Classic at the moment. His interview regarding his son’s health caught everyone’s attention.

Chloe Kirby – Who is Luke List Wife?

Chloe Kirby is Luke List’s wife.

Kirby and List married in March 2016. They had their wedding in Augusta. It is near Evans which is the hometown of Chloe.

It is not clear when the two met each other. But a number of online sources hint they dated each other for several years before marrying.

Kirby’s husband List is a golfer who plays on the PGA Tour. He has been a professional since 2017. The Seattle native has two wins as a professional which came at Kom Ferry Tour.

On top of that, Luke was promoted to the PGA Tour after finishing 4th on the Nationwide money list. Besides, he is a Vanderbilt University graduate who came second at the US Amateur in 2004.

Chloe Kirby Age – Is She on Wikipedia?

Chloe Kirby’s age is over 30 years old.

But her exact birth date is a mystery for now. On the other hand, her husband List has reached 36 years of age now.

Chloe was born in Evans outside August, a famous golf town. She attended Evans High School graduating in 2008.

As per Augusta Chronicle, she earned the Homecoming Queen title during her high school days.

Kirby does not have Wikipedia as of now. But she is mentioned in the Wikipedia bio of her husband Luke List.

What happened to Chloe Kirby and Luke List Son?

Chloe Kirby and Luke List welcomed a son named Harrison on June 5, 2021.

Their newborn son was hospitalized lately. Actually, he had suffered a respiratory virus. He had to be kept in intensive care for two weeks.

Luke said his kid has returned home. Also, he revealed he is gaining weight at the moment.

Besides, the List family has a daughter too. She has reached two years old as of now. 

Chloe Kirby Net Worth – Find her on Instagram

Chloe Kirby’s net worth is yet to surface.

Kirby is pursuing a career in acting and modeling. She has appeared in movies including Safara, Momentum, and The Conspirator.

Besides, Chloe’s husband Luke has a net worth of over $8 million. He has secured earnings over $845k in 2021 only.

Chloe is on Instagram as @chloekirbylist. She has over 1.1k followers. But her Instagram profile is private as of now.

Source: Celebpie

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