Who is Cornel West? Scholar and social activist running for president in 2024 under People’s Party
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Cornel West, researcher and social lobbyist, runs for president in 2024 under Individuals’ Party
He looks to challenge the two-party framework, focusing on issues like neediness, medical care, and environmental change
West’s left-wing position and analysis of standard governmental issues stand out

In a thrilling advancement for the impending 2024 official political decision, researcher and social lobbyist Cornel West has declared his nomination for president.


Who is Cornel West?

Cornel West, a conspicuous left-wing extremist, reasoning teacher, and creator, has reported his office for the administration in the impending 2024 races. He is running as a contender for Individuals’ Party, situating himself as a libertarian option in contrast to the conventional two-party framework that he has long reprimanded.

West’s mission needs incorporate handling destitution by supporting professionally wage, all inclusive medical services, and dependable lodging. He additionally intends to resolve issues, for example, mass detainment and environmental change.

In his declaration video, West scrutinized the current political scene, denouncing the two conservatives and leftists for their inability to resolve foundational issues. He featured the requirement for truth and straightforwardness viewing matters, for example, the Ukraine war, the impact of Money Road and Big Tech, and the activities of the Pentagon.

Having instructed at renowned establishments like Harvard and Yale, West is known for his promotion of communist thoughts. He has frequently joined Christian standards with communism in his work. During the 2016 and 2020 official decisions, West effectively upheld Majority rule communist applicant Bernie Sanders.

West has been a vocal pundit of standard legislators on the two closures of the political range, taking into account them detached from the battles of the regular workers. He has been especially reproachful of previous President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden, alluding to the last option as a “neoliberal calamity.” West accepts that character governmental issues has overshadowed tending to the worries of the regular workers.

As an outsider up-and-comer, West’s mission might confront difficulties, as such competitors generally get negligible help in everyday decisions. Nonetheless, outsider applicants have been faulted for affecting political decision results before. West’s effect on the 2024 political decision stays questionable, as his name has not yet showed up in significant surveys.

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