Who Is Danyal Hussein Blackheath? Parents Religion And Age
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Who Is Danyal Hussein? Everything About Murderer Who Killed Two Sisters In London Park

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Who is Danyal Hussein? Danyal Hussein is a convicted murderer of two young girls in London Park. Find out his parents details below.

Danyal will now serve his time behind bars since he was found guilty of killing two young girls in public by stabbing them. Medical reports suggest that his DNA was found on the body of the murdered victims.

The prosecutors explained the murder as ‘frenzied and relentless.’ 

Who is Danyal Hussein?

Danyal Hussein is the murderer of two young girls.

He recently was found guilty of murdering two sisters in London. Reports claim that he stabbed two girls to death last year after coming through a government “deradicalization” program.

The victim duo, who died of his stabbings, were recognized as Nicole Smallman, 27, and Bibaa Henry, 46.

The murder was not treated as a terrorist attack. But the investigators reportedly considered that Hussein underwent “a form of radicalization” in terms of exposure to occult material on the so-called dark web.

Concerning the murder update, reports further cite that he would have gone for the next step to killing more women if he had not injured himself while killing the sisters. He went to the hospital the next day for treatment.

Investigators mentioned that the killer was in connection with others about demons and spells.

Many details are yet to get revealed by the investigators, which are reportedly the dark and secret sides of Danyal.

Danyal Hussein Parents

Talking about Danyal’s parents, he is the son of Kamal Hussein.

There are no records of his mother on the internet.

According to his neighbors, his parents divorced and started living separately when he was just a kid. Before, Danyal grew up in a ‘noisy, screaming, and shouting’ environment.

Danyal Hussein Religion

Danyal Hussein is reportedly a Muslim.

He belongs to Iraqi Muslim descent. He frequently considered himself an Aryan.

There are no further details about his nourishment and childhood environment, but a search on his mother’s South-East London house has made some findings of uncovered a book of spells, handwritten demon symbols, and the two blood pacts.

Danyal Age: How Old Is He?

Danyal Hussein’s age is currently 19 years old.

He was 18 when he stabbed Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry multiple times that took their life.

Danyal was referred to the government’s counter-extremism program, Prevent, when he was 15 from Thomas Tallis school after figuring the material he accessed on school’s computers.

[embedded content]

He was eventually discharged from the program in May 2018: however, the ideology of extermination was still deep inside him, it seems.

Authority found the discussion of spells and potions linked to Satanic ideology through a forum on his laptops.

Source: Celebpie

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