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Football is the number one sport worldwide, and enjoys the largest following of men and women among all age groups. While many soccer players are the focus of attention in any football match, there is an exception in the Chelsea game as there is a fan who usually steals the show – if you are a Chelsea supporter, you have probably seen the sexiest football fan in the premier league, Sophie Rose. She has taken her support for the game to the next level where she is making it a business to support the sport she loves as an ardent Chelsea supporter, a TV personality, singer and songwriter who has dedicated her life in support of the British premier league team, including using multimedia channels to air her views and garner support for her club. If you have been following her support for Chelsea and want to know more about her career and personal life, this is your opportunity to get answers to your most asked questions – her real age, body statistics, love life, family and her net worth.

Who is Sophie Rose?

She is a television presenter on the Chelsea football club YouTube channel, born in Devon, England on 14 November 1991. We have no further information on her parents other than the fact that her father is originally Australian, and her passion for football was as a result of her dad’s love for the game, especially for Chelsea FC. From a young age, Sophie saw her father attending Chelsea matches, and took after him.

Early life and education

She was raised in England with a sister named Claudia Rose by their parents. Sophie attended elementary and high school before proceeding to college, graduating with a degree in Travel and Tourism. Information shows she had her a significant encounter with Chelsea at the age of sixteen, and has not stopped loving the club since then. Her passion is what dictates her career path today, and is responsible for everything she has become.

Sophie Rose


Sophie is a lingerie model and a television presenter who is noted for being a loyal fan of Chelsea Football Club; her love for Chelsea got her to present on the club’s fans channel on YouTube where she uses her beauty and attractive endowment to attract and garner more support for her chosen club. As a topless model, she leverages her core value to build and increase the fans base of her club. Among the lads’ magazines, she poses for is the Zoo, spending most of her modeling work appearing in the magazine.

Her knowledge of football is another attraction she uses to get more followers, as many are in awe about her depth of knowledge of football. Being a beautiful girl, she often teases fans of other clubs to develop soft sport for her club, and in one of her shows, she was seen teasing Tottenham fans with a kiss to reveal a Chelsea shirt.

As a social media personality, the massive following she enjoys on YouTube can be attributed to her support for Chelsea. Currently, she has over 60,000 followers on the video-sharing media, which have attracted millions of views.

She is the season’s ticket holder for Chelsea and would never miss a chance to show her support for the club anywhere she finds the opportunity to do so. As a result, she is often seen collaborating with sports presenters on various channels to find the opportunity to discuss and sell Chelsea where it matters most. As a result of her consuming passion for Chelsea, she is loved by all including fellow fans, players and the club administrators. She is currently the sexiest female supporter for the club, and as a model she remains the leading figure in lingerie and sports modeling. Apart from running sports presentation on YouTube and modeling for her club and other brands, apparently Sophie also holds a regular nine to five job, however, details are unavailable at this time.

Personal life

There is hardly a clear cut line between her career and private life when it comes to her passion for Chelsea football club. One can say Sophie is Chelsea personified as her entire life revolves around the club.

Following Chelsea football club is her passion; according to her “I went to my first game when I was probably 16 because I didn’t live in London at the time and I have been going ever since… I’ve grown up watching JT, Frank, Ashley Cole; they are the three I grew up admiring and watching… I have been a Chelsea fan since birth, but those are the players I watched first hand.”


She is well admired by men and lots of football fans. As a sexy lady, it is surprising she is not rumored to be dating any guy, but is currently single according to her profile and status. Apparently Sophie is not dating, nor has a history of dating a guy. Perhaps she’s good at keeping her love life secret, but we doubt if being secretive about her relationship with men is the reason for the lack of information.

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Social media presence

She is active on social media, indeed her entire life both personal and professional revolves around social media, as she is active on YouTube, Twitter with 60,000 followers, Facebook, and Instagram with almost 100,0600 followers Fans usually visit her social media channels because of the need to see hot pictures.

Net worth

Sophie Rose is one of the most famous hosts and soccer fans worldwide. Being a model and a TV presenter, she makes an enormous amount of money from sports-related brands. As of mid-2019, sources estimate that Sophie has a net worth of over $100,000, accumulated from her various activities as a model, social media presenter, an ardent sports presenter, and brand endorser.

Source: Affair Post

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